If Tony Romo retired today, would he be HOF material?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Jan 16, 2013.

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  2. popp1234

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    In my highly qualified opinion, based on decades of watching football from my living room, and watching Tony Romo play, I'd have to say hell no!
  3. Cowboy Brian

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    No man...

    IAMKING Benched

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    Not a chance
  5. RS12

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    He doesnt have a prayer.
  6. Avenger

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    Not a chance.
  7. Avenger

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    Not a good comparrison.

    Even before his championship, Lebron was considered the best player in the league.

    Romo has never been close to being considered the best player in HIS league.

  8. Nav22

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    Here's how I know Romo's a great QB: if he wins a Super Bowl, he will immediately become a HOF-caliber player.
  9. 5Stars

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    It could happen...

    The story has not been written yet.

  10. CowboyStar88

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    The most hated QB in the league? The one who is the butt of every joke? Not a chance! Who has more nick names than Tony Romo? It will never happen
  11. DWhite Fan

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    This is how I see it for Tony:

    No playoff success beyond the one win he has - No ROH

    No Super Bowl success (at least 2 rings) - no HOF

    If Dallas does not improve during the final years Romo has left (I think 4, maybe 5 depending on health), Romo will be remember as just a decent QB who could not get the job done and nothing more...
  12. Super_Kazuya

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    It would end up being weird if he didn't get in the Ring of Honor, though it could happen. He already owns most of the major passing records for the team and is probably going to add a whopping 15,000 yards and 100 TDS on top of that minimum. How many teams could say that their runaway record holder at that position wasn't a retired jersey?
  13. Super_Kazuya

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    Where would he have finished in the MVP voting in 2007? (Brady monster 2007 season getting 49 out of 50 votes makes it all speculation).
  14. Stinger_Splash

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    No freaking way. He is closer to the hall of shame than the hall of fame.
  15. LittleD

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    It was cemented when he took off for Cabo with a bimbo airhead during the season when they may have had a chance to do something. He became a playboy playing football without any trophies on the wall. He will never get any cred on the streets. He is a real poor man's Danny White and that is all she wrote.
  16. Teague31

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    There were a lot of media types saying mcnabb was HOF worthy. If that is the benchmark than yes
  17. popp1234

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    Wow, and I thought I was critical of the man.....:laugh1:
  18. davidyee

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    ...way too much predjudice towards him.

    Prior to Elway's Superbowl seasons he was probably a difficult HOF choice.
  19. 44cowboys22

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    Doesn't even make the ring of honor......NO WAY!!
  20. Chuck 54

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    The OP asked "today," and the only realistic answer is no way in hell.

    1. Jerry Jones would never put Romo in the Ring without at least getting to the SB.

    2. Neither the media nor most of Tony's peers respect his game; they all see his talent and numbers, but even our opponents are quoted as "keeping the game close and waiting for the Cowboys to turn it over." Even if you think he deserves the HOF, who's going to vote him in?

    His career in Dallas is far from over, but if he retired today, he wouldn't even make the finalist list.

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