if we take a qb why not...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by the kid 05, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. the kid 05

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    why not Omar Jacobs from Bowling Green or Brodie Croyle from alabama?

    heres what nfl said about them :

    link: http://nfl.com/draft/story/9290609

    4. Omar Jacobs, Bowling Green (underclassman)

    Positives: Size (6-4 and 224 pounds), strength, and athleticism. ... Strong arm, large hands. ... Puts plenty of zip on deep outs and is able to get the ball into tight spaces ... Wonderful accuracy and touch on short and intermediate throws.
    Negatives: Tends to pull down the ball and run too soon; needs to become more comfortable working from the pocket. ... Throwing mechanics require work. ... Field vision, ability to read defenses.
    5. Brodie Croyle, Alabama

    Positives: Strong arm, nice touch. ... Quick release that is enhanced by exceptionally fast throwing motion. ... Reads defenses well. ... Makes good decisions throwing from the pocket. ... Leadership.
    Negatives: At 6-2, faces a challenge seeing over linemen, and 205-pound frame could make him susceptible to injuries. NFL stock already has been hurt by injury-filled collegiate career. ... Accuracy and touch on shorter routes. ... Pocket awareness and ability to avoid pressure.
  2. cowboysfan31

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    I don't think we'll go with a QB this year. I believe the Cowboys will want to wait and see what Henson will do in NFLE and if that can convert into some type of NFL success for him.

    Next year there are some good QBs though. Drew Stanton, Kevin Kolb, or Sam Keller would all look nice in Big D.
  3. Displaced Cowboy

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    i'd gamble on jacobs early in day 2.

    croyle i'll pass on all together.
  4. SuspectCorner

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    i was kinda intrigued by croyle. the kid puts some whip on the ball. 6'-2" is no problem at all. the Cowboys greatest QB was 6'-2" (or 3", sources vary on this). his release is pretty nice, too.
  5. bobbie brewskie

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    why draft a QB (drafted players are not proven) we need a halfway descent washup QB to backup bledsoe . . . hmmm Aaron Brooks? or a nice small trade for Billy Volek is my favorite. so a draft pick for a QB this year is highly unlikely IMO. hopefully we will address bigger concerns with our draft than backup QB.
  6. Pokes28

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    I like Croyle, but the problem is that he gets injured by the wind draft of a DE running by him. I don't like Jacobs at all. He shot puts the ball. yes he can get it there, but his throwing motion doesn't allow for him to have great accuracy if while moving. He's a set passer only and the throwing mechanics is a great reason for it. From what I understand, the reason he throws the ball the way he does is because he has small hands (not large as written on NFL.com). But of course the NFL has recently measured, so they are probably more accurate.

    I like what I see from Ingle Martin. He's a 5th or 6th rounder but he passes the test on size, speed, ball speed, mechanics, etc. The only real questions deal with his playing at such a small school (transferred to Furman so he could get some playing time). He's a project, but one that could pan out.

    Personally, I think the Henson project is about done. He will have to show a great deal more than he has been or he won't make this year's roster.

    David Harrell - Pokes
  7. ghst187

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    mostly because they suck....
  8. Clove

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    I wouldn't be against getting a QB in the 2nd round if Parcells' traded out of the 1st and collected another 2nd and 3rd and made a trade with Ellis for more picks. I would go with Jacobs, he put up monster numbers a couple of years ago, and by year 3 when Bledsoe is finally gone, he'll be ready to go.
  9. ZB9

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    Charlie Whitehurst would be a good draft pick in the second round, imo.
  10. dr_hefley

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    The negatives on Jacobs sound pretty familiar...

    Tendency to run...throwing motion needs reworking...inability to read defenses. Haven't the Cowboys had that before?

    He also appears to me, through seeing and hearing interviews, and watching his performance at the combine, that he may be a little of a loose cannon. That's just my opinion, but he appears to have as much downside as upside.

    My choice would be to go after Ingle Martin of Furman. Who's that, you ask? He's a former Florida Gator (Parade All-American) who transferred to Furman after Zook became Floridas coach and started his man, Chris Leak. Since he's from a small school, he'll probably be around late. Maybe even undrafted.

    Looked good at the combine. Very intelligent (Ivy League type of school), superior athlete, and would be (in my mind) a lot more receptive to being groomed for a year or two than a guy who's convinced he'll be a starter on opening day.
  11. acheman

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    Charlie Whitehurst might be a good pick in the 4th, but we don't have a 4th.
    So no sooner than the 5th. He sucks.
  12. Clove

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    Yeah, I can see how a guy that throws over 4000 yards, only 4 interceptions, and over 40 touchdowns in 2004 can't read defenses.:rolleyes:
  13. dr_hefley

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    Who did Bowling Green play? The ability to succeed in college isn't a guarantee of success in the NFL.

    Did he really throw 40 TD's in 2004? Didn't know that. How'd he do in 2005?

    He may be great; I just think there are too many red flags.
  14. ZB9

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    he had a good season, and he looked better than Cutler in the combine passing drills, imo. Whitehurst seems to have some good NFL tools.

    but if he is projected to be a 3rd/4th round pick, then Dallas CERTAINLY doesnt want to take him in the 2nd (Quincy Carter flashbacks). lol My bad

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