If you could add one player to the Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SHAMSzy, Aug 16, 2013.

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    Since you don't watch "Hard Knocks", here's how they introduced Geno Atkins: First, they did a piece on James Harrison, who just joined the Bengals, and described him as someone who has been called the meanest player in the NFL. They went on to say now that he was a Bengal, he wasn't even the meanest player on the team - that designation went to Geno Atkins.
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    I had the Cincinnati defense in fantasy. So much havoc created by Dunlap and Atkins. Fun to watch. I'm surprised I'm the only one who wants Yanda lol
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    Peterson put up almost 2100 yards in 2012 and the Vikings didn't get past the first round of the playoffs. He put up 99 yards vs the Packers in the wildcard game and the Vikings still got beat by 14. Playoff games come down to your QB having to make plays. Ray Rice only averaged 3.0 per carry in the SB it comes down to QB's in the playoffs and SB. The QB who plays the best in postseason their team usually wins it all.

    If I could only pick one player for the next 3 years it would be Aaron Rodgers. It's an offensive league driven by QB's and Rodgers would give the Cowboys an excellent chance to win it all in the next 3 years. If you going to pick one player pick the best QB you can who's at the top of their game. No QB in the NFL has done more with less than Aaron Rodgers.
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    Now that's what I want in a defensive player. I love our guys but I want a mean sone of a gun like that.
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    Yeah they were/are a great duo. I'll be keeping a close watch on the Bengals this year.
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    Dashon Goldson
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    I'd take the best LT in the game and move Tyron to RT and have Free be the back up OT. Duane Brown is a good choice. He allowed only 4 sacks all year last year including the post season and has great mobility, etc.
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    Petersons team aren't nearly as good as the Cowboys.

    He puts us over the top. He just keeps the Vikings from being a bottom feeder.

    Rogers is great but I'd rather have Romo and Peterson over Rogers and Murray.
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    Peyton Manning. I think he's the only QB in the league that can make this offense crisp, and that's because he'd be running his offense.

    Disclaimer: I might be Peyton's biggest fan, so I'm clearly biased. I think he's the best to ever play.
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    Calvin Johnson on the otherside of Dez would make this offense impossible to stop.. Murray might gain 2000 yards in that situation. Dont think he would ever see 7 men in the box.
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    If I was starting a team it would be Rodgers.

    To add to Dallas long term it would be Rodgers.
    Short term it would be Watt as I don't think QB is a weakness per se but I don't think it is a strength either.
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    The Vikings may not be a great team but they've made significant progress from 2011 to 2012 and the Cowboys haven't. They were a playoff team last season despite average play from the QB position. Even as good as Perterson was it's not easy winning in the NFL with inadequate QB play and it eventually caught up with them in the playoffs. Minn beat 3 playoff teams during the regular season Houston, SF and GB. Peterson only put up 86 rushing yards vs SF and Houston in those wins so Minn isn't a one man team. They have a solid OL and a defense that finished higher than the Cowboys. Granted Peterson is a huge part of what makes the Vikings tick but they are an improving team that's a top 10 QB away from seriously contending.

    The Cowboys issues are far deeper than the RB position they didn't beat a single playoff team in 2012. There's issues along the OL and the defense has been so bad it forced a coordinator and scheme change. Garrett has had issues with game management so replacing a capable RB in Murray who set a franchise record just 2 years ago 253 yards with Peterson wouldn't make as big an impact as you might think. The Cowboys OL has been an awful run blocking unit so Peterson wouldn't get the blocking from our OL that he's getting in Minn.

    If you can have any player in the league for only 3 years a 28 year old Adrian Peterson wouldn't be my choice unless I was an RB away from winning it all. An RB can hit the wall hard by 29-30 and Peterson has a lot of mileage on him. With Rodgers you get arguably the best QB in football who's had 17 fewer turnovers than Romo the past 2 years and 25 more TD's that's huge. Rodgers has proven he can win behind a bad OL and with no running game.
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    Would go Watt on D. Not sure on offense. Could make a case for several guys like Peterson, Rodgers, several elite OL, etc.

    Why Watt? For starters, the 6-5/290-lb. 24 y/o had 81 tackles, 20.5 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and 16 passes defensed last year. Insane numbers for any DL position, let alone a 3-4 DE. He could wreak havoc at either DE or DT in the 4-3. His athleticism is off the charts for a guy his size.

    Also like the OP's pick of Geno Atkins. Great 3-tech fit. But as good as he was last season, Watt had 8 more sacks, 28 more total tackles, the same number of forced fumbles, and 14 more passes knocked down.
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    We beat the Bengals.
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    Forgot about the Bengals.
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    Jahri Evans, G, New Orleans Saints - the Cowboys would have an upper-tier offense immediately. I'm not really worried about their defense.
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    JJ Watt is a no brainer. 1B would be Mike Iupati.
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    Andrew Luck.

    The most important position on the field and we'd have it covered with an elite franchise player for the next 10-15 years, health willing.
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    Good choice. I would also consider a CJ Spiller, AJ Green, JJ Watt or any other young superstar.

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