If you were the general manager of this team and were given full power

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bungarian, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Corso

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    Great post.
  2. Corso

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    Ha ha ha!

    That's like saying "My first task as GM would be to fire myself".
  3. diehard2294

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    Jerry does have consultants their names are Larry Lacewell and Barry Switzer:eek:
  4. jobberone

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    Oh, I imagine there are still things they can add. I'd rather he get someone else if we're talking a full-time consultant working at the Ranch. People think Barry is an idiot and I agree he's done some idiotic things before and he can sound like one, too. But he's had some success in the coaching business. Still I'd go in another direction.
  5. dart

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    fire every one except

    Marinelli -Dooley - Henderson - Lett

    and steal away either Newsome or Ted Thompson
  6. theebs

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    First thing I would do.

    Hold a rally night and let fans throw rocks at the sky mirror. Up yours sky mirror whatever you are.

    Second thing, erase all existence of the jones family's history with the organization.

    Third hire football people and let them run the program.

    Fourth forbid any front office members/assistant coaches to have radio or tv shows and make sure the only voice of the organization is the head coach and the qb.

    Fifth, open up the stadium, no more restrictions on where the fans can and cannot go. Up yours club level security guards. remove wine and fancy drinks from the stadium.

    Sixth, rename the end zone plaza's. one would be named Tom & Tex's and the other would be called Triplets ( or something honoring the 90's players)

    seven, all the art work would be removed and delivered back to gene jones. In its place would be iconic images of cowboys players, fans and coaches. The word art would be forbid inside the stadium and uttering the word art would get you a year long banning.

    In some spot in the stadium I would honor brad sham and the radio crew.

    Finally, barring a tornado the roof and doors would always be open. No debate. It would be open.

    I could go on..
  7. Zordon

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    please do...I agree with everything so far.

    gene jones...ugh...let me stop before I get in trouble.
  8. CowboyFan4Eva

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    I would have. A suite and invite really attractive women and celebrities and powerful people to the games. I would try and get on tv as much as I can and walk around in fur and say stuff like......"got to hell, *****"
  9. texbumthelife

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    People. He said General Manager. Not owner. /facepalm
  10. theebs

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    In Dallas, owner and general manager are spelled the same.

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