I'll trade INTs for points

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyeric8, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. cowboyeric8

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    I'll trade the chance of Drew throwing interceptions for more points any day of the week. Parcells has got to realize that is not Carter or Vinny back there. Let the good veteran show you how its done, he is treating him like a rookie which he cleary is NOT and his numbers prove that.

  2. Maikeru-sama

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    I really dont understand. I was one of the biggest Bledsoe ditractors but I think the Play Calling on Offense is pretty good. We put up some big points on the Chargers and we only put up 13 on the Redskins, but they are a Top 2 defense.

    Why do you guys think we were gonna just walking there and hang about 40 points on the Redskins.

    I have not looked at the Skins schedule, but I bet no opponent this year is able to walk all over them this year.

    I like the play calling. 13 points was way more then enough to beat the Redskins, but the Defensive Coordinator, Roy Williams and Aaron Glenn dropped the ball twice.

    Everyone on this board knows we should have been 2-0 if it was not for the defensive play calling and poor play in the secondary late in the game.

    Now if we lay and egg and only put up 13 points against the Niners, then I will eat crow and come in here and agree with ya :D .

    Drew has 4 TDs and 0 Interceptions. No doubt in my mind if he keeps that ratio uneven, we will be a playoff team.

    Remember, Bill knows this guy, he drafted him. He knows him better than he knows himself.

    - Mike G.
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  4. cowboyeric8

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    I agree they played to WIN (and we were playing from behind in parts of the game) in SD but played NOT TO LOSE against Washington. But my main reason is this week that parcells said that he wants a "game manager". Which means he doesn't intend to open up very much, I'm afraid its going to be very vanilla all year. But I hope not.

    And they better win tomorrow, its my birthday :D
    If they don't its going to suck.
  5. Champsheart

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    You know what gets me is people always react off the last game.

    Each game is going to have its own plan.

    Drew was let loose against San Diego, we had a different attack against Wash. and all of a sudden many people think he is treating Bledsoe like Q. Carter. Gimme a break.

    You will see plenty of action from Drew this year, and many games he will be let loose.

    And despite what many people think the plan against Washington was a very good plan. Only a fluke, and a pure miracle like performance with 4 minutes left could have spoiled it.

    Washington was the dog, and the sun decided to shine on its rear end.
  6. Maikeru-sama

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    Well happy early birthday. How old will it make ya?

    Oh, we will win tommorrow. But come on man, Parcells has been using jargon like that since he has been here. I remember when Carter was here, one press conference he said something to the effect that Quarterbacks didnt win games and that you were in trouble if you need your QB to win it for you.

    - Mike G.
  7. Bizwah

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    I agree on all points...

    Outstanding post.
  8. Alexander

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    He is.

    It was talked about all offseason about how he was to limit the size of the area for him to read. Not because he was dumb, mind you, but rather because his internal clock is not the best.

    I think it is working great and I have to give credit to Bledsoe because I never thought he could do it.
  9. cowboyeric8

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    Thanks for the birthday, and I'll be 17.

    Yeah I guess Parcells is weird that way.

    But I mean I just hope Parcells lets the offense go.

    Yeah I expect a great year from the Cowboys but you know, looking at the Redskins game again, there had to be some other reason we lost, besides 2 plays and a "fluke". But anyway I'm probably just pissed that we played great and lost, exspecially to the Redskins. And everybody is entitled to their opinion and thats what makes this site great.

    And the Cowboys better.
    Thanks again for the happy birthday.
  10. Tricked

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    i don't, skins have a top 2 defense? yeah right, i can think of 6 defenses off the top of my head i fear more.. carolina, buffalo, new england, pittsburgh, phili, and baltimore.. chicago's defense is close
  11. Rack Bauer

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    This doesn't make sense. Anytime Drew throws an int that ENDS a potential scoring drive therefore ending the possibility of scoring POINTS on that drive.

    Our offense hasn't played bad. PERIOD. We scored 13 vs a very good defense. We aren't gonna score 28 points every game. Get used to it.
  12. Cowboy4ever

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    I wonder what this board will be like if Drew throws a pick, late in the game that allows the other team to win the game ie. Pittsburg last year. When you play a good D, like we did last week, you play conservative and take your shots when you can. We did that. Against a good defense, you can't just go out and throw the ball around. The risk is to high. As HC, you know its goin to be a low scoring game, so you don't want to give the other team any added chances. And if Cortez hits that FG or if Roy makes the int or if henry has longer arms,, none of this matters. The boy's played pretty good Monday and got beat by bad luck. I hate the 49'ers more than any team in the league, so I would like to see us put about 100 spot on them personally.
  13. Sarge

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    I'll peronally take points over int's., of course that depends on the numbers you are talking about.

    "Never take points off the board" kinda thing.

    INT's don't necessarily lead to points.

    Now, if we were already averaging 27, 28 points a game, I might go the other way, but until we start putting up more points on offense, I'll take any extra points I can get.

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