Im Already Sick of the 5-11 & Return to the Campo Years Talk

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Mar 13, 2014.

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    Absolutely, there have been "plans" all along. Just as with every organization, they don't always work out. Jerry has had less success with his plans than others, bit that's not the discussion here.

    Just as with every topic in this bipolar place, it's become a "Jerry sucks" discussion.
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    It's not BS. They were 1-15 with Walker for half the season. They weren't going anywhere with that group. So infusion of talent thought the draft was the only option. I think most fans knew it was only up after the bottoming out in 1989. If we were told that was the plan now, 1-15 again but then long term, tangible improvement, most fans would be all over it. Better than this 8-8 purgatory.
  3. Novacek84

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    I don't just like, I love this post. I second everything you say here because it is the truth. Like you I have turned on this team until I see real change and improvement. I'll always watch but not in the same way.
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    You know what they say about opinions, the are like butt holes (or is is elephant butts???;)), every one has one and they all stink. My opinion has no more weight than yours or anyone elses. In truth Jerry's opinion is the only one that really matters. So if I somehow offended you then I apologize.
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    The only solution is to draft one. That may force us to havethe highest paid bench warmer on the roster but so be it

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