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I'm done with this absolutely pathetic team

Discussion in 'Jerry/Garrett/Rant Zone' started by Carolina Cowboy, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Carolina Cowboy

    Carolina Cowboy Well-Known Member

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    What a bunch of losers. Sick of watching this soft team not absolutely knock the snot out of anyone to send a message, (regardless of penalty incurred) ANYONE!!! Just turned the game off. I'm sick of this soft, stupid, under-coached, over-rated, hollywood piece of dog crap football team. This entire organization needs a high powered enema that that reaches not only the lower intestines, but the brain as well.

    Tony Romo - Thanks for the memories. Enjoy the money and the highlights. Sorry you wasted your career in Dallas
    Jason Witten - Sorry you deserved better
    Dez Bryant - Good Luck
    Demarcus Ware - Same comments as JW
    Sean Lee - Invest in some Super Glue
    Every Corner that JJ has paid since 1996 - Enjoy your money you bunch of thieves, because that's the only thing you ever stole while in Dallas
    To every coach considering a tenure in Dallas until the Jones family has nothing to do with the Cowboys, think long and hard and then say "No thank you".

  2. coult44

    coult44 Well-Known Member

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    Get ready for the "see ya" quotes....LOL
  3. Solution

    Solution Active Member

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    ^^^ see ya
  4. Titleist

    Titleist Well-Known Member

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    Calm down...it's just a game.
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  5. pupulehaole

    pupulehaole Well-Known Member

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    I hate that i love this team so much, ill never stop being a fan but I'm pretty embarrassed tonight.
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  6. cowboys1981

    cowboys1981 Well-Known Member

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    You'll be missed like a morning fart
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  7. Qbert

    Qbert Member

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    meh, these loses don't even hurt anymore, im used to it
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  8. hornitosmonster

    hornitosmonster Well-Known Member

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    Just a game. You will over it
  9. CaptainMorgan

    CaptainMorgan Well-Known Member

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    This embarrassment of a franchise does get old.

    I just hate everyone on this team. Every single one of them from the owner to the water boy.
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  10. RoyTheHammer

    RoyTheHammer Well-Known Member

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    Well.. bye.
  11. DallasCowboysRule!

    DallasCowboysRule! Well-Known Member

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    See you next week
  12. Aven8

    Aven8 Well-Known Member

    4,436 Messages
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    Look on the bright side, maybe we get a new regime out of this, outside of the idiot owner.
  13. NJ22

    NJ22 Well-Known Member

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    can't argue with one point. They are disgusting.
  14. Hoov

    Hoov Senior Member

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    Lol. Now that was funny!! Thanks for picking me up on a down time.
  15. TheCoolFan

    TheCoolFan Well-Known Member

    7,344 Messages
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    Join the rest of us. I was "done" a long time ago. And no, obviously I'm not going to start joining another team or stop watching but I was emotionally done being invested in them. Watching the team every week has been like a chore equivalent to taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, etc. They're boring and predictable, I don't get really happy when they win and I don't really care when they lose. There's not even a player I really like, the last jersey I bought was Emmitt Smith 15 years ago.

    The Cowboys are just there...they exist and that's about it. I don't even invest too much though in how to fix this because nothing will change. If it hasn't changed in 7+ years then it won't magically change now.
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  16. Hook'em#11

    Hook'em#11 Well-Known Member

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    Yes, they are pathetic. But, you aren't done with them. Just like everyone else in here. You will be back next week. The homers will still be homers thinking "If WE could just do this. and do that. There's still a chance!!" WRONG!..

    And, then there are the realists. That realize this team was NEVER playoff material..

    It needs to be all blown up. Seriously. There is nothing to salvage here IMO..

    Don't care who stays or who goes player wise. I have no favorites.

    While pathetic and this franchise being a complete former shell of itself. We will still be back. We are sick, I tell ya. Not many should deal with this kind of torture.. But, we do, and we will..

    I can't believe it, for the first time last night.. I longed for the Campo/ Zimmerman days back in Dallas. LOL... I think I am gonna put in some good Cowboys Hard Knocks Tonight. ... That is the last time I believe the Cowboys actually played with any kind of nasty and emotion.
  17. BraveHeartFan

    BraveHeartFan We got a hat. I want a ring.

    23,944 Messages
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    Last night was awful but...come on.

    Calm your *** down. You aren't going to quit being a fan. And if you are then you're just as pathetic as the players who just give up.
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  18. cajuncocoa

    cajuncocoa Bleeding silver and blue Zone Supporter

    2,488 Messages
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    Yeah, here's why: I tried doing that. Didn't make a big deal about it on the board here, but I told myself after the Saints game that I had enough and thought about selling all my memorabilia on eBay. Of course I didn't do that, but I thought about it I was so mad!! It might be easier to quit on them if I didn't have so much time and heart invested in them, but I go back to Don Meredith days with this team, and even though THESE guys aren't THOSE guys, they still wear the uniform, and I continue to show up like an abused spouse trying to convince myself he'll stop beating me and go back to the way he was when we first got married 45 years ago. *sigh*

    Oh wait a minute: they can't be an abusive spouse....they can't beat anybody!! (rim shot) couldn't resist.
  19. BoysFan4ever

    BoysFan4ever Well-Known Member

    6,219 Messages
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    It's weird for me. I don't even really care to watch their games anymore. I don't half the time.

    But I really like this board. I'd rather read on here than watch the games.
  20. CopenhagenCowboy

    CopenhagenCowboy Active Member

    946 Messages
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    Yeah. I'm beginning to care more about the debates on here, than I care about the games.
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