I'm expecting a heavy dose of 2-5 defense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Avenging Hayseed, Dec 25, 2012.

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    2-5 defense. Two down lineman and five backers on the field against the skins. NOT saying we play it the whole game or anything,....but wouldnt doubt at all to see us in that particular formation around 50% of the time.

    If you go back and rewatch the Pittsburgh game you will see that we rolled out that look a TON in the game. Did it some in the N.O game too but not nearly as much as we did against Pittsburgh. On New Orleans last drive of the 4th quarter where we stopped them to get the ball back for our offense we were in it.

    Why would we do this? A few reasons really. One....puts more speed on the field to contend with RG3,...gives us more flexibility with the passrush from a zone blitz perspective.

    Might even help seal the edge a little by having that extra speed on the field.

    Other thing quite frankly is this............injuries have decimated this team. Simply put,....at this time we do not have the horse power to just strap em on and play the Redskins O straight up. We HAVE TO outhustle, and more importantly OUT THINK them. This will help us accomplish that goal.

    Pretty sure those five backers will look a whole lot like this....

    From left to right :

    Spencer Sims Conner Albright Ware

    Although Ware and Spencer will periodically flip sides every now and then as they so often do.

    I believe we go in there and TAKE this one. To actually achieve anything of note in the NFL you have to TAKE IT,...Playing not to lose isnt good enuff. Instead you must march right into the lions den and smack that SOB right dead in the mouth right off the bat. You must dictate to theyre offense what they can and cannot do ,....NOT the other way around. YOU set the tone,...NOT them!

    On offense,.......Im not nearly as worried believe it or not. I KNOW for a fact we can hang 28 on this team in theyre own park. If we do,.....we win. Simple as that.
  2. bark

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    That is going to invite a heavy dose of the rookie rb .. He is a load to bring down..
    If we can protect tony, I think we can score on them as well... Should be a good one!!
  3. perrykemp

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    They have a 1500 yard caliber rookie running back who would love nothing better than a 2-5-4 defense out there.

    I really think base 3-4 or 4-3 is the way to go with the Redskins.
  4. Eddie

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    Do we even have 5 LB's available? :bang2:
  5. JohnsKey19

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    Ryan's strategy should be to focus on Morris and force as many 3rd & longs as possible.
  6. panchucko

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    So that we then go into a zone and give up big yardage.

    We couldn't stop a 3rd and long against the Saints.
  7. jobberone

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    This will be a tough game to win. We will need some big plays, turnovers, and great play by Romo to beat them.

    If we don't have Sims and Albright then we are in trouble IMO.
  8. Mansta54

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    Bob is very gimpy on that knee, its bothering him and it shows. He won't be a threat to run much at all. We need to press their recievers with man coverage, crowd the LOS and focus on Morris as we rush the QB.
  9. vaturkey

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    IMO this will come down to stopping their rookie running back. If we can keep him in check we should win. I don't see many times when they will run that read option with RGIII banged up. He doesn't have his quickness right now. That said, he can still move around a bit and that might allow their receivers to put a hurting on us.

    If RGIII was 100% I think they would easily be able to score on us because we don't have the speed or quickness to contain him once he breaks the pocket.

    PS. I'm a huge cowboy fan, but I've seen the Cowboy's play in FedEx and I've seen Romo play there and in both cases while I was there Romo didn't play well and they got lots of Pressure on him and forced bad throws. I'm hopefull that we can win, but I'm not very optimistic.
  10. jblaze2004

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    we are going to need ernie simms back and a big game from connor. We need ernie simms back because we need the speed. Im suprised we didn't pick up gary guton in FA. We really need more speed at linebacker. Connor is getting exposed. But lucky this game we play a run first team so maybe he shows up sunday night. I hate that we lost both middle linebackers for the season. Would love to have lee or bruce out there especially for this playoff run.
  11. AbeBeta

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    Don't count on Sims. He either had a 2nd concussion or was cleared too early from the last one. I doubt he plays.

    Ware likely does like he did against the Saints a few years ago and just plays passing downs

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