I'm sorry, before the draft, I didn't want Zeke Elliott. I wanted Carson Wentz

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RXP, Jan 10, 2017.

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    I agree and will be the first to admit that I wanted Wentz but knew once the Eagles traded those picks, we were not going to get him. I am how it turned out though.
  2. BoysfanfromCanada

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    I had no idea what I wanted. Didn't want to trade up for the QBs, was ok with Bosa even though Broaddus didn't like him at 4, Ramsey I was 'eh' on, his highlights didn't impress me. I was generally ok with Bosa, Zeke or trading down and grabbing Lynch later on. Little did we know...
  3. Proof

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    Love zeke and feel like you can throw all the other arguments out the window with him. Clearly a solid enough can be productive here, but how many would be schemed for and command so much attention? Not to mention his blocking! Which other rb could have such a top down effect on the teams attityde and identity? His attitude and swag is infectious as hell.

    Bosa would have been great too, 10.5 sacks in what 12 games and no camp? Jesus.
  4. VACowboy

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    I dunno. There are those of us who watched him play at OSU and saw power and speed and vision and explosion and physicality in a 6-foot, 230-pound package of completeness that made him perfect for the Dallas offense. I can't speak for anyone else, but behind the Dallas OL I thought anything was possible for the guy. I think a lot of people got caught up in some myth about OSU running backs and the idea that anyone can be good behind the Dallas OL instead of just trusting their eyes and considering what a great RB could do behind The Wall.

    It might be easy to find RB production, but no differently than finding greatness at any other position, it is NOT easy to find great RB production. A three-down back who can lead the league in yards after contact and also be a threat to take it the distance every time he touches the ball, who enters the league as the best blocker at his position and who catches the ball like a TE...NOT easy to find, or everybody would have one.

    Just because other teams don't value the position doesn't mean the Cowboys are wrong to. Just because other teams focus on throwing the ball around the yard doesn't mean it's the only way to do work in the NFL. I mean, 13-3, and no player at any position gets MVP consideration for "producing," especially a RB.. Ask Jerry what the difference is between a guy the whole league gameplans and a guy who "produces."

    Yep, it'd be nice to have Jordan Howard and his contract, but, hell, it'd be nice to have players who outplay their draft consideration to a Pro Bowl level at every position. Why stop at RB? You know, you need to compile a list of which players those will be in the 2017 draft and send it to Jerry so he can trade down and get them all. Jeez. Why didn't you say something sooner?

    IMHO, anyone who thinks Dallas would be 13-3 and still waiting to play a week into the playoffs without Zeke or one of a handful of other RBs behind Prescott is fooling himself. There's not one player in the draft who would have impacted the Cowboys like Zeke has, and sure, he has to stay healthy if he's going to be a great one, but you can say that about any player at any position.
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    It takes some real stones to come out here and admit that. To you, sir.

    Just for the record, I was a huge "Draft Zeke at No. 4" advocate. But the reason was I wanted a Murray replacement so Romo would stay upright and we could replicate the success of 2014.

    And to be fair. When Romo went down, I digressed. Thinking we were stupid not to go all out for one of the top QBs and now the season was over.

    So you see? You're not the only one with egg on his face. We've all got our helping of crow waiting for us in the dining room in one way, shape, or form.

    Go Cowboys!!!
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    I wanted Zeke last year and started praising him in Jan....still happy as all get out the boys got him. By the way your forgiven:thumbup:
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  7. Scotman

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    I wanted Zeke. Did NOT want Cook. Loved Dak's intangibles, but never even considered we'd draft him.

    But, I wanted Manziel. So all of my opinions before and after are registered null and void.
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    I made this video to highlight that slow throwing motion where he brings the ball all the way down below waist level.

    From what's been discussed in the NFL media, apparently the Eagles staff knew Wentz would need work fixing his throwing motion, and expected he would sit this year while someone else started, which would give them this entire season to begin correcting this flaw.

    That situation changed when Bradford was traded to the Vikings. They ended up putting Wentz out there as a rookie with that flaw still very obvious in this throwing motion, and it wasn't long until other teams spotted it.
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  9. vicjagger

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    Fixed that for you.
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  10. lostar2009

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    To be honest I didn't want Zeke or Wentz.
  11. StarBoyz83

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    I didn't want wentz! I wanted a defensive player but zeke made perfect sense. I was happy.
  12. MileyDancer

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    I never wanted Wentz. The dude is from the Farm Conference in North De"freaking"Kota. He hasn't faced anyone compared to.... Well, the rest of the QB's.

    My dad's from North Dakota. That place sucks.
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    He isn't getting over $7 million a year. You have a ridiculous standard. Zeke must have kicked your dog or something.

    And Bosa was gone before Dallas drafted, so it doesn't matter what the Chargers pay him.
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  14. Seven

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    I gave you that inside info......You ain't getting the credit cowboy........ ;)
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    Apology not accepted.
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  16. Garrettop

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    I preferred Zeke over Wentz in the first round. RB is a much safer pick than a QB, and the team had Romo.
  17. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I forgive you?
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  18. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I liked russel Wilson and Antonio brown In the draft
  19. Toruk_Makto

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    AGain we are the only team with a thousand yard rusher for 3 consecutive years since our offensive line was put together. And two of those 3 years when we had competent QB play we had 1500+ yard rushers. And a year where we had some of the worst QB play we've seen in a decade we had a thousand yard rusher who didn't start a game until Halloween. HALLOWEEN.

    And of these past 3 years only one of those years did we spend a fortune at the RB position.

    Now if you want to talk about people gameplaning for just Zeke and not something they did for Murray or for our running game in general last year then you're either not paying attention or willfully ignoring the facts. Because we couldn't throw last year teams crowded the line of scrimmage against us with no fear of a deep ball. And we still ran effectively. Again that is with abhorrent QB play.

    I know it's convenient to put this season's turnaround on Zeke...but in reality from a statistical perspective Zeke was not much better than Dmac was last year. And Dmac didn't have a healthy Dez or competent QB play.

    This turnaround is about going from some of the worst QB play in the league to a guy from a efficiency perspective matched Romo (i.e. some of the best QB play in the league).

    Those are the facts.
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    10,000 likes....... Rack em up, mods.
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