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I'm sorry, before the draft, I didn't want Zeke Elliott. I wanted Carson Wentz

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RXP, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Slammed0

    Slammed0 Well-Known Member

    864 Messages
    877 Likes Received
    I don't know if I should even admit this on a public forum, but I was thinking I wanted Goff. Whew!! With Zeke, I wasn't mad that we picked him, but I did want a defender of some sorts there. Oh well, the past is the past and I am incredibly happy how it all shook out! Let's go bury us some Packers!
  2. superonyx

    superonyx Well-Known Member

    4,960 Messages
    4,287 Likes Received
    What Zeke adds to our offense is not just about "RB Production". McFadden statistically had production. Joseph Randle had production. What Zeke brings keeps defensive coordinators up at night. Teams gameplan specifically to stop him from killing them. Teams would not be doing this with simple late round running back production.

    Zeke has helped Dak grow. He is the focal point of our offense and a huge part of our success this year.
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  3. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

    26,405 Messages
    7,536 Likes Received
    You must have had a reflective drink. You should have invited everyone in the rant section over who thought drafting Zeke was football stupid. Hard to believe there's some that still don't like the pick.
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  4. Toruk_Makto

    Toruk_Makto Well-Known Member

    9,331 Messages
    9,651 Likes Received
    Zeke averaged 5.0 ypc while Dmac averaged 4.6. Zeke had competent QB play and a healthy Dez. Dmac didn't. Teams loaded the box against Dmac. Teams load the box against Zeke.

    I know what you're saying sounds nice...but it's not consistent with the facts.
  5. Cowboys22

    Cowboys22 Well-Known Member

    5,307 Messages
    2,321 Likes Received
    Nobody really cares who wanted who before the draft. Everyone is entitled to form their own opinion on who be be the best pick. I didn't really have a favorite for the 4th pick. I would have been happy with any of Zeke, Wentz, Bosa, or Ramsey and I knew they would get one of them. What I didn't want was a trade down for lesser talents. I would have loved to get Lynch but didn't want to trade up for him. I was legitimately comfortable with waiting until the 4th to take Prescott which had been widely speculate about. I wanted a DE in the 2nd. I loved Smith but didn't think you had to take him there. I actually wanted to trade down from that spot to get an extra 3rd or 4th pick specifically for Smith who I thought would drop that far.
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  6. FLCowboyFan

    FLCowboyFan Hoping to be half the man Tom Landry was.

    3,253 Messages
    1,011 Likes Received
    Thank goodness neither you or I make those decisions! The ones in charge made brilliant decisions :)
  7. Proximo

    Proximo Well-Known Member

    2,827 Messages
    3,899 Likes Received
    Doesn't matter anymore. What's done is done. And we're probably going to win like the next 3 or 4 Super Bowls so it's all good.

  8. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    33,516 Messages
    12,198 Likes Received
    Can't say I was a Goff fan, but you're not at all alone.
    Just so far the only one to admit it.:thumbup:
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  9. superonyx

    superonyx Well-Known Member

    4,960 Messages
    4,287 Likes Received
    Teams loaded the box against DMac because we had garbage QB's. If Romo and Dez were playing with DMac and Randle last year there is no way teams would load the box. With Zeke and Dak teams know we have very good QB play and they still choose to load the box.

    So your theory is that we would still be 13-3 right now if Zeke wasn't a cowboy and instead we had Dmac all year?
  10. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

    26,087 Messages
    16,571 Likes Received
    I wanted Zeke considering all the options, but I definitely thought Wentz was better than Goff.

    I don't want to say too much about Wentz because he could still become a good QB.
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  11. mrtxstar

    mrtxstar Well-Known Member

    5,980 Messages
    2,719 Likes Received
    I made this same apology two months ago.
  12. reiner

    reiner New Member

    23 Messages
    22 Likes Received
    The truth is that even if Dallas wins the super bowl and EE averages 120+ yards a game Toruk_Makto will find something to criticize him on...He has serious issues with him, for whatever reason. Probably envy.
  13. Toruk_Makto

    Toruk_Makto Well-Known Member

    9,331 Messages
    9,651 Likes Received
    That's the point. They loaded the box against DMac and because of our line he was still able to rush for over 1k yards despite not starting the full season and he averaged a very healthy 4.6 yards per carry. And yes if he had better QB play he'd probably have done better. That is also part of the point. But no teams would have still given the run game extra help even if QB play was better. We know because they did it against Romo in 2014. He then just simply changed the play and destroyed them through the air. The same thing he'd have done with Zeke. Dak is just now starting to have that freedom.

    As to your 13-3 without Zeke and with Dmac instead? The answer is if we plugged in a worse player for a better one the outcome is likely worse results. Unfortunately for you it's not a 1 to 1 conversion. Instead of Zeke we'd have another player of his caliber somewhere else...but likely would have maintained a healthy ground game that commanded extra attention regardless. We have very clear and very recent evidence that this is true.
  14. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

    88,018 Messages
    10,949 Likes Received
    When talking top 5 yes. I had no concerns about Zeke being a stud RB. I felt Ramsey would be an excellent pick and a safe pick as well. Outside of those 2 I had some question marks. Guys like Wentz and Goff I saw as boom or bust type picks.
  15. theranchsucks

    theranchsucks Well-Known Member

    3,514 Messages
    2,453 Likes Received
    I didn't feel safe at all about Ramsey. He had that tweener label to him and he didn't have the cb hips from reports. He also isn't a great tackler.
  16. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

    88,018 Messages
    10,949 Likes Received
    I disagree in the games I have seen he has done an outstanding job. I felt he started off slow but came on strong as the season progressed.
  17. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    15,271 Messages
    15,972 Likes Received
    When you have a Ferrari engine for an offensive line, you need an aerodynamic running back to take full advantage.
  18. theranchsucks

    theranchsucks Well-Known Member

    3,514 Messages
    2,453 Likes Received
    Understood....I was talking pre-draft
  19. Bleu Star

    Bleu Star Bye Felicia!

    26,007 Messages
    7,752 Likes Received
    We forgive you.
  20. theranchsucks

    theranchsucks Well-Known Member

    3,514 Messages
    2,453 Likes Received
    The best part about Zeke is that if you had him rated in your top 5 people around here would tear you apart. I always thought Zeke was the best player for us. Dallas had him #1 on their board. He turned out to be the best player in the draft.
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