Imagine if we tank for Gregory

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by theranchsucks, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. theranchsucks

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    And imagine if McCain and Lawrence ever pan out here.
    Randy Gregory in the first amazing rusher. LT anyone
    Ryan in the 2nd stud LB can play any spot, so long Carter
    sign BJ Raji semi cheap off of injury and 29 years old with 3 years left in the tank
    Our 2015 lineup....

    Randy Gregory, Melton, BJ Raji, Lawrence
    Lee, McCain, Jake Ryan
    Claiborne, Carr, Wilcox, Church......Scandrick

    It pays to dream
  2. Pokes12

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    Wow, the season has not even started and you are dreaming about 2015? This is going to be a train wreck in slow motion, watch Jason self destruct in the course of the year. Bye, RedBall.
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  3. cml750

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    By keeping Garrett as coach Jerry is automatically tanking an average of two games a season.
  4. bodi

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    tell me we win over 4 games - ALL TEAMS WILL HAVE TO IS RUN THE BALL - and its not like we got great CB's

    look at the teams in preseason if they wanted yardage they ran the ball

    I expect to be picking in the top 5
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  5. RS12

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    I got news for you, as bad as this team needs defense, and I mean everywhere, if this season goes as bad as a lot people think you will see a new franchise QB drafted. It is inevitable.
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  6. windward

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    Yeah. If we have a meltdown type year, I'd expect this.
  7. waving monkey

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    all you guys dreaming of Red getting fired are going to be so disappointed
  8. DuDa

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    I may be in the minority but I am a little underwhelmed when watching Gregory. I love his length and athleticism but I see a very raw player. Devin Smith completely owned him last season. I know he can improve but it was pretty ugly. A few of the things that I look for from lighter speed rusher types is if he can set the edge in the run game and does he have a good inside move; both are no's with him. Against good offensive tackles he gets outmuscled easily. I see too much Dion Jordan in him. He'll probably improve some and still be a top pick but I would rather spend it on Leonard Williams if it was my choice.

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