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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, Jan 28, 2009.

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    2nd: Alabama C/OG Antoine Caldwell - 6'4" 307, 5.12 40

    looks squattier than his 6'4" 307lb. frame, stout at the point of attack, gets down low to drive his man in the running game, has experience at both OG and C positions, with the strength and foot speed to excel at either one

    3rd: Iowa DE Mitch King - 6'2" 275, 4.74 40

    squatty, relentless down-lineman with a strong hand-slap, and a variety of pass-rush moves, feasts in opponent's backfields, provides energy on the field and to the locker-room

    4th: Hawaii DE David Veikune - 6'2" 255, 4.83 40

    aggressive, powerful DE who hustles getting to the QB and against the run, has strong hands to disengage from blocks, can cover the flat in a zone, has good explosion off the snap

    4th: Notre Dame FS David Bruton - 6'2" 210, 4.55 40

    chiseled, center-fielder type with good straight-line speed and overall athleticism, moves well laterally, covers alot of ground in the deep-half, and makes plays at the most opportune moments, effective special team's gunner

    5th: Florida OT Jason Watkins - 6'6" 317, 5.22 40

    prototypical left tackle with long arms, has the quick feet to re-direct in pass-pro, and get out to the 2nd-level on run plays and screens, able to fill in at both left and right tackle, blocked in a spread offense, so lateral ability has been tested

    5th: Western Illinois OLB Jason Williams - 6'1" 241, 4.59 40

    powerful, aggressive LB who does a great job of running with TEs down the seam, and sticking his helmet in at the point of attack, forced an all-division, record-tying 14 fumbles

    6th: West Virginia CB Ellis Lankster - 5'9" 191, 4.53 40

    zone corner/safety tweener, plays best in off-cover, closes quickly on passes in front of him, does a good job of high-pointing and going up for poorly thrown balls, as witnessed in the Senior Bowl game, physical in the running game, quality punt and kick-returner

    7th: Florida Atlantic ILB Frantz Joseph - 6'2" 243, 4.73 40

    ferocious LB with great strength who attacks the LOS, tackling machine, plays with an attitude and strength reminiscent of Ray Lewis, has surprising coverage skills, good special team's potential

    7th: Georgia Tech DT Darryl Richard - 6'3" 306, 4.99 40

    strong, interior presence who holds his ground, intelligent player who moves well down the line, does a good job of recognizing screens

    "relentless intelligence" is the phrase I would use to describe this draft, we get much needed speed everywhere: safety, OT, OG, ILB, DE, plus high-character and high-energy players everywhere else
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    Cool beans. Alot of people have us taking Jason Williams now I see...

    Frantz Joesph is going to be good pro.
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    we scored picking from the other half of the state, why not?:)

    and Joseph is a guy every roster needs, and with my draft, we get at least 2 of them in him and King
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    If Bruton is the best S we pick up I'll be slightly disappointed. King and Richard are good players, though I'm really hoping that we can get bigger along the DL. The less blocks the guys at the 2nd and 3rd have to fight through, the more plays they can make. I didn't get a chance to see a whole lot of Veikune play, but he looked good at the Senior Bowl. His speed is a bit worrysome at this level, but maybe he can find a way to just get it done. I'm diggin everything else though.
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    I dont get why we take a OG/C with our first pick..I would say we are fine with BIGG,Kosier and Holland as a backup. I really hope we dont pick a guard with the first pick. A LT I can handle..but a guard??..of all our needs?? really??

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