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    What time does Texas stadium parking lot open?"????
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    [​IMG] UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Due to the tragedy on 09/11/01, no luggage, large bags, backpacks, large purses, etc will be allowed into Texas Stadium. We will not be able to store these items for you if brought to the game. If you attempt to enter with these items, you will be required to return them to your vehicle. Due to these increased security measures, all items and persons are subject to search.

    [​IMG] CAMERAS: You may bring a small, still shot camera to Texas Stadium. However, video cameras and cameras with extended or zoom lenses are not allowed at Texas Stadium.

    [​IMG] BINOCULARS: You may bring binoculars to Texas Stadium.

    [​IMG] TELEVISIONS & RADIOS: You may bring small radios and televisions as long as you use a headset so the noise does not interfere with other fans enjoyment of the game.

    [​IMG] BANNERS: Fans may bring in banners to hang on the lower field wall. They should be smaller than 3' tall by 6' wide and must be relating to the game. Any banner with advertising, offensive or inappropriate language will be removed.

    [​IMG] TAILGATING: Tailgating is allowed on all Texas Stadium Parking Lots. Our parking lots open 4 hours before kickoff. You may occupy only as many spaces as you have parking passes. If you are bringing a grill that is on a trailer, you must have an additional spot for the trailer. Ash Cans and Trash Cans are conveniently located throughout the parking lots for your use. Please use safety in all your tailgating activities. For maps and directions, please press here.

    [​IMG] ACCESSIBLE AND SPECIAL NEEDS SEATING: Texas Stadium has accessible and special needs seating for our patrons. For Dallas Cowboys accessible seating, please contact (972) 785-5000. For all other events at Texas Stadium, please contact (972) 785-4000. Accessible parking is located at Gate 6

    [​IMG] SMOKING: In accordance with a City of Irving Ordinance, smoking is not allowed at any time in the seating or restroom areas. You may smoke only on the concourse area at Texas Stadium.

    [​IMG] ATM's: For your convenience ATM's are located on the concourse areas of Texas Stadium.

    [​IMG] SECURITY: For your convenience, RED security telephones are conveniently located on the concourse with the pay telephones. If you need security for any reason, please feel free to use these telephones.

    [​IMG] STADIUM CLUB: The Stadium Club is located at Gate 10 - Ticket Office Entrance. This is a climate controlled room overlooking the field and a temporary membership may be purchased during the game at either the Ticket Office window outside Gate 10 or the Information Office located at Section 35 for $10. You must also have a game ticket for admission to the Stadium Club. There is a buffet meal served in the club for games. For information or to make reservations, please call (972) 785-4012.

    [​IMG] CORRAL CLUB: The Corral is a tent located outside Gate 8 of the Stadium. It is open 3 hours before each game with live music, entertainment, food and beverages and stays open during and 2 hours after each home game. Admission is $3, and you must also have a ticket to the game.

    [​IMG] PAGING: Texas Stadium does not have a system to page our patrons. However, if someone might need to reach you during an event at Texas Stadium, they may do so if they have your Section, Row and Seat Number. They may then call (972) 785-4000 and we will happily deliver a message to your seating location.

    [​IMG] FIRST AID: The first aid office is located on the concourse at Section 36.

    [​IMG] LOST & FOUND: The lost and found department is located in the Information office (at Section 35 on the concourse) during the game; or you may call (972) 785-4000 Monday - Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm [​IMG] DO NOT BRING: Food or beverage of any kind; coolers, cups, bottles containers of any kind; Video Cameras; Pets (except seeing eye dogs); any type of illegal substances or weapons (including knives).</FONT>

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