News: In Garrett's Presser, An Agenda Falls

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Hostile, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Yeah, that's pretty much common sense. By that point you have to run on 3rd down.
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    The best part of that entire process is watching Lea Watkins. She looks bored senseless. She's probably thinking to herself, I've heard this before somewhere. :laugh2:
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    The Cowboys failed to win .. The Agenda™ lives on! Muwhahahahaha

  5. adbutcher

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    We are going to win the NFC East and they won't even shutup then. I hate Dallas media almost as much as I hate that chicken **** ref that called running in to the stupid punter.
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    I didn't realize there was an issue on the 3rd down call. Must have got lost in all the hoopla over 1st and 2nd down.
  7. Hostile

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    In the game thread and chat, no less than 50 people screaming some version of "Run the Football Jason."

    Yesterday and a good portion of today, the chant has been, "We ran three straight times."

    Many of that original 50, have completely reversed their stance completely ignoring that it was 3rd and 18. Funny how that works.
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    He also killed off another agenda if folks are listening. On the redzone "he didn't throw the ball into the endzone once", Garrett makes the point that just because the ball went to a particular player it doesn't mean it was designed for that player.... i.e., just because the ball didn't go into the endzone didn't mean that there weren't routes being run there and choices couldn't have been made differently.
  9. tyke1doe

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    Translation: Romo is getting gun-shy? :confused:
  10. rcaldw

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    He mentioned later in the conference that they are telling Romo to see it and let it go... said there were some opportunities for Dez after watching the tape. But also mentioned that Tony was getting moved around in the pocket. So, maybe it is a combination of a little hesitancy and not enough time.

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    I just think Bryant runs lazy routes, so Tony has zero trust in him on those shorter, quicker timing routes that happen in the redzone.

    The same can be said for Bennett, which leaves Austin and Witten as the only remaining receiver options. And with no running game threat, defenses can easily defend these only 2 viable receivers.
  12. Randy White

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    ALL the run plays were called with the idea of getting a first down to win the game, but if not, forcing the Patriots to use their timeouts and pin them as deep as possible in their own territory. Anybody with any football IQ knows that. The defense was playing superbly up to that point and the punter is one of the best, if not THE best, in the league.

    Then again, it's easier to call Garrett a conservative failure who doesn't know how to put a game plan together.. It's easier to fit into " I told you so " agendas.

    I know it's done so everyone can post their opinions, but that blame Garrett thread yesterday made me sick. I shouldn't have clicked on it, but it was like a traffic accident.. I've rarely seen more misinformation and right down STUPIDITY in the same place..

    I wonder if Tony Sparano is still better than Garrett after tonight, or the past 5 games.. ? :shoot6:
  13. Idgit

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    Are there chat transcripts available? I like it when that kind of hypocrisy gets exposed.
  14. jimnabby

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    The truth is that there was only one questionable call on that drive - the run on 2nd and 12 (or 11 or whatever it was). Everybody's screaming about "he ran it three straight times", but there's nothing unreasonable about running on 1st down there, and there's no decent low-risk option on 3rd and 18. But I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed in the 2nd down call (and only the 2nd down call).
  15. dooomsday

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    I think you have to throw in the fact it was a similar scenario to the Detroit game with LESS time when the same crew wanted to run run run and save us from Romo. 3 point lead with 4:22. Vs. NE 3 point lead and ONLY 3:36 left. Run, run, run last week, but not this week?

    A complete 180 now that they know the results. Frauds?

    So they were simply wrong. This is what we get for following their conservative, scared desires from a week ago. Burned. It doesnt work.

    I'd pass in both situations.
  16. 802dave

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  17. MichaelWinicki

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    Many fans seem to totally disregard the execution factor. They think if a play fails, that it's always the wrong play... always.
  18. rcaldw

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    I'm with you 100% on this. I love the forum and come here every day (and will continue to). But I find myself very frustrated NOT by the fact that some don't like Garrett, but with the childishness and downright ignorance that drives a lot of the discussion.
  19. rcaldw

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    You are spot on, and this is what I mean by childish and ignorant. It reminds me of playing Strat-O-Matic football. The defense guessed run or pass, and you had 6 basic offensive play calls, line buck, off tackle, end run, flat pass, short pass, and long pass.

    I'm convinced that most of the football watching public thinks in almost exactly those terms. "We should have run it... or we should have passed it". "Why didn't we throw long there?... or why didn't we throw short?"

    Its just silly.
  20. Dough Boy

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    For some on this forum, playing calling is Binary or 50/50 or right/wrong. If you call a play and get positives yards, it was the right play. If you call a play and get no yards, it was the wrong play.

    I said this last year, execution has as much to do with playing calling as the strategy behind each play.

    Its very hard for some fans to except that we are not the Cowboys of the 90's and more importantly, we are going to lose some games to very good teams. NE had us in a pickle. If we throw the ball two bad things are possible, a) the clock stops and thus Tom "Terrific" has more time and b) a ball is tipped and the NE defense gets a pick. By at least running the ball, you make NE burn timeouts. Had this worked, the binary switch would have been pushed instead of pulled (i.e., great play calling by Garrett).

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