Ingram or Decastro?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Teague31, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Teague31

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    If both are there at 14, who would you take and why? I'm really torn on this one. Would love to get someone to help keep Tony upright but we are so desperate for a pass rush... Close call!
  2. tupperware

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    It is somewhat close but I take DeCastro.
  3. robert70x7

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    Here's what we have right now under contract for guards: David Arkin, Kyle Kosier (cut), and Phil Costa.

    At LB, we still have Ware, Butler, Albright, Carter under contract.

    As of RIGHT NOW, DeCastro HAS to be the pick. Stuff could change with free agency and we'll see what happens at the combine, but our interior offensive line is so incredibly weak.
  4. RS12

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    DeCastro is closer to a cant miss prospect than Ingram IMO. Pick needs to be a home run not a single.
  5. MichaelWinicki

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    No question.

    I think DeCastro is the better prospect.
  6. burmafrd

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    A lot will depend on FA, but all things being equal Decastro is the better player. I just do not see Ingram as all that much of a improvement on Spencer.
  7. tm1119

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    Depends on what we do in FA. If we can 1 of Nicks/Grubbs/Mathis than I take Ingram. If we don't sign a significant guard than its DeCastro without hesitation.
  8. kevinhickey

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    DeCastro, would be my choice hands down. Put him next to Tyron Smith for the next 10 years. I'm not struck on Ingram do to his lack of size and the fact that we do not have the big uglies (true NT and massive DT's) that can keep the O linemen off of him.
  9. supercowboy8

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    I would have to say Ingram.

    Think about odds and history.
    The odds of finding a starting OLB in the 2nd is alot harder than finding a starting OG.

    If we sign Nicks then there is no way Jerry drafts an OL in the 1st with so many holes on defense.
  10. Dcowboy84

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    if this situation played out i'm torn on what i would want, but if this played out for real i believe the team would take Ingram.

    reason i say is when Jerry was interviewed and talked about maybe going to young in the middle of the line i think he would like to get a veteran guard in FA

    i guess i figure that regardless of the "sure thing" factor we're thinking about in Decastro i think it may get trumped for a veteran and we saw in every game last year that aside from Ware our pass rush sucks
  11. Oh_Canada

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    Ingram with no hesitation. Edge rushers are difference makers, the guy is exactly what that defense needs.
    I like Decastro, but guards are not game changers. Besides you can have your pick of about four guards in the second round if you want to fill that need.
  12. Eskimo

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    If the grades are close to equal I'd take Ingram. This is because OGs are easier to find than good edge rushers. If we add another pass rusher and a good CB this defense can go from okay to very good in one season.

    If DeCastro grades out much better I'd begrudgingly go with him but I just don't think it is a great use of a mid-first rounder. This is doubly true since he may not even be much better than Cordy Glenn.

    I'm still really hoping Coples falls to us but I doubt that now that he has really impressed at the Senior Bowl.
  13. 28 Joker

    28 Joker 28 Joker

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    I really like both of them, and I expect both of them to be on Dallas' short list at 14. Guards usually fall, and pass rushers rise. Ingram may rise too far.

    Ingram appears to have really impressed with his display of sudden speed and quickness and with his athletic ability and pass rush moves. Plus, he can rush inside on the four man line and put his hand in the dirt. I like him, and the Cowboys could really use him. I think Ingram could be used in several different ways and be moved around some. Ingram has made a strong statement at the Senior Bowl.

    I have to admit, I'm starting to eye this deep guard class, too. I wonder if it will be a factor if the players are rated really close, because there are several big guards out there. Plus, they have good athleticism. The Cowboys want to get bigger at guard and still have good athletic ability.

    The Cowboys should compare Ingram to DeCastro and Ingram to the other pass rushers in the draft and DeCastro to the other guards in the draft. Of course, those two players would be big upgrades over what they have now, imo. I think it would be a real close call now, because Ingram has made such a strong statement. In fact, I'd probably give Ingram the edge now based on just my gut feeling. I'm talking about how Dallas would likely behave if they picked between the two players.

    Anyway, I hope Ingram ends up rated ahead of Upshaw on the short list, and I wouldn't draft Upshaw, a pure power player. I'd take DeCastro over Upshaw for sure. However, Ingram makes it a fight, imo.

    The Giants and Eagles and Chargers would take Ingram, imo. The Steelers and Chiefs and Patriots would take Upshaw, imo. The Cowboys are too big and slow on defense, and adding a top SEC player would be a positive, imo. Saban is from the Patriots philosophy, and Upshaw reflects that. He's a pure power player, not really a classic SEC front 7 guy. Please give me the speed and quickness and athletic ability, because I'm tired of watching slow, big players in the front seven, especially against the Eagles and Giants.

    Cordy Glenn is a big, powerful OT who will shift to guard, and he is looking like another first round guard. Glenn would appear to fit good with Dallas wanting to add size and power inside. Glenn played OT in the SEC, so that tells me has some athletic ability. By the time 14 comes around, the players may be blending together, and Glenn might be an option.

    Glenn was a guy Hostile mentioned that he liked in an earlier thread.

    Eskimo points him out above..
  14. Future

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  15. da_boyz_mk

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    For me it's DeCastro. I think he provides a better chance of getting consistent production from day one. I like Ingram but not completely sold on the time of impact he can provide. I think you'll get 6-8 sacks a year out of him. To me that's not great value at pick #14.
  16. cbow44

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    DeCastro, Fix the defense in free agency. Unless of course one of the cornerbacks drop.
  17. robert70x7

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    Now that I think about it, signing a guard should be the Cowboy's top priority. If they could get Nicks, the "best guard" in football, and they have Ware, who is the best "3-4 WOLB" in football... that would give us more versatility with our pick at 14.

    I'll say it again, with the current state of our team, the pick has to be DeCastro.
  18. RoyTheHammer

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    Finkle or Einhorn?
  19. MichaelWinicki

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    You mean like if the guard gets pushed back in the pocket so the QB can't step and get the ball to the receiver breaking 2 yards beyond the corner down at the 20 yard-line...

    Or if it's 4 and 1, and you're on the team's 42, with 56 seconds to go and you're behind by a point– And the guard you're suppose to run behind get's stuffed at the line of scrimmage so you gain zero yards on your line plunge.

    Yeah, I can see why guards aren't considered "game changers".
  20. reddyuta

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    Sign a FA guard and draft an olb in the first rd.

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