Interesting fact about the NFC EAST draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hardline, Jun 11, 2017.

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    There were 33 total draft picks between the four NFC EAST teams. 20 were defensive selections.
  2. jrumann59

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    makes sense since there were a lot of "marquee" offensive FA. Also for whatever reason colleges do not churn out awesome defensive players. Not saying none come out but I see a lot of mediocre guys cashing in on the fact there are not a lot of above average corners or DE hitting FA.
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    Did Chip Kelly run the Eagles draft again this year.
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  4. haleyrules

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    I'd trade our first round DE for theirs.

    GORICO Member

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    dear Fan zone extraordinaires----has anyone seen the measurables of Jordan Willis who was taken in 3rd round?...same size as Demarcus Ware...5 pounds heavier
    faster 40...higher verticle...12 Sacks for Kansas st...equal bench press...I would trade taco for willis any day of the year...Willis will ball out
  7. Macnalty

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    Stats are not the gospel of the NFL. Jordan Willis is a good player but should not be mentioned in the same sentence as DeMarcus Ware. Just like there are faster stronger QB's than Brady, and Big Ben you have to have the mindset to use all the tools properly.
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  8. xwalker

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    Taco was a far better player in college than Willis.

    The athletic measurable(s) of Willis just don't show up in his college game footage. His movements sometimes look awkward, especially laterally. He does not bend that well and often plays with high pad level. He lacks great flexibility in turning the corner against OTs.

    If a RB gets loose on the outside, Willis has great straight line speed to chase him down; however, as a pass rusher there's a big risk that he just won't be very good.

    Do you think that all 32 teams are just dumb and didn't notice his measurable(s) ???

    If measurable(s) defined player's abilities, Bruce Carter would be a far better LB than Sean Lee.
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