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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AbeBeta, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. AbeBeta

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    Cowboys | McBriar struggles; job in jeopardy?
    Mon, 19 Dec 2005 06:09:44 -0800

    The Star-Telegram reports Dallas Cowboys P Mat McBriar struggled so much Sunday, Dec. 18, that head coach Bill Parcells appeared to say, "He's gone" during McBriar's rough day. "We'll see if I have to come in tomorrow," McBriar said. McBriar averaged 35.2 yards on six punts and had one punt of 15 yards and another of 24 yards.
  2. TLW47

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    Well he sucked along with the whole team yesterday. He's been pretty good though overall. But he was lousy yesterday. And if he's gone because of yesterday's game does that mean we start with a whole new team today because they ALL stunk.
  3. The Fonz

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    now blame it on the kicker
  4. AbeBeta

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    this would seem stupid to me. no use blaming it on a guy who has been pretty good at times.
  5. sbuscha

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    Blame the coach for allowing his team to show up unprepared in the biggest game of his tenure.....
  6. CrazyCowboy

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    When it rains it pours!
  7. Jarv

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    Hey, you punt 90 times in a game your likely to shank 1 or 2.
  8. alancdc

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    Agreed, he was just the perfect icing on a @#*@*@*@ crap cake.
  9. Portland Fanatic

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    If McBriar gets cut I will lose a TON of respect for Parcells!!! He is one player that has been pretty consistant over the season and if he gets cut it's because BP is looking for someone to blame...we got our arse kicked!!! BP is to blame for this loss...period. I don't want BP with it and fix it ASAP. BP needs to look no further then the closest mirror for this loss...the team was not ready to deal if things started off bad.

    The players have proved they can play with anyone this year......
  10. Rockytop6

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    McBriar has been our best punter in a long time. Now if Parcells wants to fire every player that sucked and the coaches that sucked yesterday than I can agree to fire McBriar as well. Of course we would then have to start out as an expansion team.

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