Interesting tweets about Dallas' draft

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Apr 28, 2013.

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    NFL_Draft_Insider ‏@NFLDraftBites

    #Dolphins were so opposed to trading Up & giving away Pick 42. They lost their man- TE Gavin Escobar to Jerry Jones. Hindsights 20-20

    Concerned about #Cowboys Travis Frederick's Athleticism. Watch Stanford around 6:30. Whose #90

    #Cowboys & #49ers Trade. Boys targeted WR. Knew multiple would fall to 74. Both Teams wanted TE & recognized 2nd Round Run was to occur.

    First post draft Press Conference that's a Must Listen- America's Team Dallas #Cowboys. Love Jerry Jones' honesty & candor.

    Entire NFC East was interested in Jakar Hamilton from South Carolina State. Went undrafted. Signs w/ #Cowboys. Single High Safety potential

    #Cowboys View Frederick as 'Foundational Player". Concerned he would not get through #Ravens & #Lions sitting 32 & 36.

    #Redskins went w/ Former Bulldog teammate Baccari Rambo. #Giants went Cooper Taylor. Both teams were interested in SC State's Jakar Hamilton

    #Cowboys Had 1st Round Grade on Navarro Bowman in 2010. Did Due diligence on Gerald Hodges. Determined he wasn't a comparable player.

    #Cowboys Devonte Holloman shares same agent as Anthony Spencer. Can get those Longterm talks moving after straight forward rookie deal.
    NFL_Draft_Insider NFL_Draft_Insider ‏@NFLDraftBites 9h

    Personally would have traded into End of Round 1 for Gavin Escobar if I was #Dolphins. Kids going to be a Star in the league. Book It!

    #Cowboys Jerry Jones explained Frederick pick perfectly today. Couldn't wait to 47 to get 'Last of the Mohicans' to give Romo half a second/
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    People sure are high on Escobar.
  4. honyock

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    That's interesting about Hamilton. I know nothing about him, but it's nice to see he's ours to kick the tires on.
  5. Smith22

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    If he pans out, then I won't complain. I was disappointed when we took him, but Witten has A LOT of wear and tear on him. Not everyone can play as long as Gonzo.

    Same with T. Fredericks. IF he becomes a solid 7 to 10 year starter, then the pick is fine by me. On the other hand, if he is off the team in 3-5 years, we screwed the pooch.

    I thought we got serious value the rest of the draft.
  6. fivetwos

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    While I thought the value was decent overall, the problem I have with this draft is the team's build-from-the-outside-in philosophy, while watching the Giants continue to stockpile linemen.

    We get beat in the trenches every week and I'm hopeful but not sure the first pick alone solves that. Are we any better on Sundays this year as a result of this draft?

    Escobar HAS to be used correctly to justify that pick. Witten's backup and/or eventual successor isn't going to cut it. Anything less than 80% of Aaron Hernandez and the pick is a waste.

    The best two picks were Frederick (because or dire need), and Randle (excellent player and value).

    Hopefully after this season, Williams can replace Austin, and Webb can replace Scandrick, and the saved money can be invested in the lines.
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    I heard Gil Brandt on NFL radio yesterday discussing the Frederick pick. Said he originally had Frederick listed as the 27th best player on his top 100, until the combine 40 time.

    I saw an earlier post that listed his combine results and it seems the 40 time was the only one that he compared poorly in. Given the position I wouldn't think the 40 time would be that relevant, if his other times were good.
  8. CrazyCowboy

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    Guess the below explains "why" he chose the Cowboys:

    DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – If the Dallas Cowboys do not select Texas safety Kenny Vaccarro in the first round,they’ll be looking for a strong mid-round option at the position – that’s where Jakar Hamilton comes in.

    The Georgia transfer joined K&C Masterpiece on 105.3 The Fan to explain how much he loves the Cowboys and his mother is a good cook.
  9. Joe Rod

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    Gimmie, thanks so much for posting these!
  10. Sarge

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  11. Chuck 54

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    Just because we keep seeing OL and DL prospects and think Dallas should take one, anyone, that doesn't mean they should. Trading down instead of taking a DT that was rated highly seems like a commitment to me, but they were bashed for doing it.

    Fans were up in arms wanting UDFA linemen. Maybe Dallas learned their lessons with late draft tackles, I drafted guards, and a backup center from Wisconsin. Maybe they are committed to improving the trenches when then can get the "real thing."

    Yes, there were OGs in middle rounds, but clearly Dallas was not going to jettison their FAs from last year without another look. They also had to look at middle round DL and ask if these guys were going to push Lissemore and Price off the roster or not.

    You can't fix everything in one year, so you fix what you can by sticking to the value of your board and not taking line projects you can't afford to carry. Take 1-2 linemen nevery year, and we will be fine, IMO.
  12. fishspill

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    If I may insert some amateur analysis, Frederick's only problem seems to be one of conditioning. In the Stanford game that was tweeted about there is a big difference between how he looks in the 1st and 2nd half. The play he mentioned looked like a tough one to block and may have just been a combination of good timing by the defender and a bad time to scheme that play (or it could be a very basic play and he blew it). Anyway, the conditioning will be key from what I can tell and if that's the biggest concern then I'm generally not too worried.

    Still fundamentally opposed to how they carried out this draft but can't complain too much about the value they got at their picks.
  13. burmafrd

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    He was playing at about 20-25 lbs heavier then he was at the combine. If he can keep it at around 315 or so that will help a good bit right there.
  14. FiveRings

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    That Stanford game for Frederick was actually quite good IMO. That defender had to have timed the snap perfectly because he was off the ball as Frederick was snapping it. But what are you gonna do, Jeff Saturday made some mistakes in his career too.

    The only other thing I have to say about Frederick is that struggles getting to the second level and pulling are probably the best for him to have, because of the reward for linemen for successfully pulling both of those off.

    And for what it's worth, I don't remember us being center pull happy last year, so if that's a weakness of one of our centers, we won't force it too much.
  15. fishspill

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    The first half of the game, yes, he looked like a bad man. The second half the same blocking scheme got him again later and guys he was manhandling in the first half were handling him. Skip the first half of the game and no one would be happy with him in the first round. But again, if there's anything that's an "easy" fix it's getting the conditioning up.

    Also I have no way of knowing if he got nicked up in the game and was gutting it out and as was mentioned he's already got his weight down a bit. I think we see the same player and the same potential to be good overall.
  16. theogt

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    Same thing I saw. The conditioning issue shows up across several games, so I don't think it was an injury thing. Woicik will fix it.
  17. TwentyOne

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    I love that quote from JJ.
  18. PullMyFinger

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    ?????????Um okay??????????
  19. big dog cowboy

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    Sounds like we may have been lucky to get him at 47.
  20. Gaede

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    I have no problem with picking Frederick at 31. If the Ravens drafted him immediately afterwards, everyone would be talking about how smart they were and how it was great to take the guy they targeted.

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