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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Maikeru-sama, Aug 12, 2008.

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    I started a new job last week and I am having trouble getting to when I am there. I can get to just about all message boards I frequent from work, except this one.

    When I go here, it just hangs for 5-10 minutes and will eventually load but it takes equally as long when I try to view different forum topics.

    I never upgraded to IE 7 until I started this job.

    You know when you first use IE 7 and it forwards you to the page that says your settings are unsafe and if you right click on the message and choose "fix my settings" (or something like that), it will not show that security page again, how do undo whatever choosing that option does. I believe before I choose that option, I could get here from work.

    I upgraded to IE 7 at home and I have no problem getting here from home, so it may not be IE 7, it could be our Network at work.

    I tried the website below, but I don't get the "unsafe settings" web page.

    Maybe I will try to download Firefox at work, not sure if that is allowed. The worst case scenario is to remote desktop into my PC at home, but I am always downloading Torrents, so that would suck.
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    I never use IE unless I have to but that said earlier today the site was running slow then cleared up.

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