'Interview-a-Palooza' on Sirius at Training Camp - 7/29/08

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jul 30, 2008.

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    Sirius Radio did a remote with Vic Carucci and Gil Brandt from Cowboys Training Camp.

    Chris Canty on Sirius

    Tony Romo on Sirius

    Marcus Spears on Sirius

    Demarcus Ware on Sirius

    Tank Johnson on Sirius

    Greg Ellis on Sirius

    Jason Garrett on Sirius

    Wade Phillips on Sirius

    Jerry Jones on Sirius

    Wow. Sirius dropped nine interviews in a 3 hour show!

    Great stuff in there about everything going on in camp. Stuff about the quake, stuff about the D-Line rotation, stuff about the way Romo is evolving and growing as a QB, etc.

    The Ellis interview is pretty good. He was being interviewed as the quake happened and he yells out in a joking manner to Stephen Jones, who was leaving the hotel lobby, to 'get the plane ready because we gotta get out of here', lol.

    Wade also addresses the 'ring finger' thing with Gil Brandt at the end of his interview.

    Don't blame me you if you don't have an hour plus at work to check out all these interviews!!!
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    Great Post!!!!!!!
  3. VACowboy

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    I listened to the entire show last night. GREAT stuff, and I was sorta pissed that I didn't think to record it from the start. I shoulda known you'd get it, DC. These are fantastic interviews.
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    great stuff DC...thanks:star:
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    Great stuff thanks for posting.
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    thank you very much :bow:
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    Thanks very much, DC. I thought all the players represented the team very well. All were well spoken and confident. Good information, too.

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    I am bumping this because these were all great interviews as the guys said above.

    Not your usual ESPN stuff because Carucci and Brandt were all about business, which is football, for the most part.

    I thought the Wade, Jerry and Garrett interviews were some of the best they have done so far since camp opened.

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