Interview with Former Cowboys Linebacker Tom Stincic

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    I recently had the pleasure of speaking with former Dallas Cowboys middle linebacker Tom Stincic. Our paths crossed when two items on eBay came up on my radar in October. The items were Texaco Flip-charts. These are one of my favorite collectables from the early 1970’s because they picture the entire starting offensive and defensive players matched-up against the opposing team’s line-up. I was only aware of the flip-charts for the 1972 season, but the ones on eBay were from 1970 and 1971. A new find…I had to have them! Rare indeed, but not much interest was my guess for these, so I bid accordingly. When all was said and done I had won both items but at a much higher price than anticipated.
    The next day I received an email from the losing bidder asking if I would make a color copy for him and added that he would pay for any costs associated with making them and getting them to him. He went on to explain that his father was pictured as the starting middle linebacker on both these items and was trying to win them for his dad. I responded by saying it would not be a problem and I would be happy to make the copies and get them out to him right away. The next day I received an email from his father, Tom Stincic himself. He thanked me for obliging his son’s request and offered to speak with me about the good ole days of playing for the Cowboys and Super Bowls V & VI, and closed by including his phone number.
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