Intriguing Offseason for Tyron

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Teague31, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Well ok, don't know where the disagreement is other than maybe you thinking the guy that comes in shouldn't be thought of as competition for Tyron, cause we seem to agree on bringing in a tackle being good for the team.

    If they do draft a tackle, it should be an open competition and noone should be given anything.....we have given away starting spots for years and it just doesn't work no matter what position we are talking about.
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    I disagree, getting bull rushed is just about the least technical thing you can do as an O Lineman, but if you have Vince Wilfork bull rushing a technically sound, undersized lineman, even with lower leverage he's probably getting blown back
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    Tyron was already excelling at RT. We moved him to LT where he has been pedestrian *at best*. So pedestrian that the drop off between him and his replacement has been unnoticeable. However, the dropoff at RT has been egregious. But some folks want to bang that perfect square RT peg into the round LT hole...
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    Look at how the OL is squatting down on Spears, not only is his pad level lower than Spears but he also has hit feet under him to engage, and fire up with his hands. See next photo...


    Spears has completely lost leverage and now his weight is being redirected upwards and he's lost all his momentum and as result is stalemated.


    This is an example of Free screwing his footwork up off the snap, but look at how Smith's feet are set (most notably his left foot) and his base is lowered in order to play with leverage.



    This is why technique is incredibly important in all facets of the game.

    Not only did Smith redirect his man but he also positioned himself to continue to fight another DL.

    While Free pretty much got bull rushed backwards because he didn't set his feet properly and he didn't have a lower pad level than the man across him. So yes stopping the bull rush involves alot of technique over strength.

    So when you throw out generalities like "when handling a bull rush is the least technical thing you can do as an OL " than I'm just going sit here and laugh at your comments all day.
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    He is lean and muscular, but could actually use to put on 25-30 pounds even if it means higher body fat.
  6. FiveRings

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    Mm, right, right, except for that it's true... You look at everything a lineman can do from funellling out defenders in pass protection, coming around the edge or through a gap on a pull, combo blocking and moving to the second level whatever whatever, just setting their feet and getting their pad level low on a bull rush is child's play compared to the aforementioned.

    So yeah you're right in pointing out the mechanics of taking on a bull rush but compared to preparing for any other stages of his game, Tyron's time is better spent in the weight room than film study
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    Keeping pad levels low should be second nature for any decent lineman, especially at this level. I never consider it some big technical feat. It rates right there with getting in a proper stance to me. Equal pad levels means the stronger player wins the one on one battle. This is when size and strength matters the most.
  8. Bluestang

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    Just stop...seriously.
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    What do you expect Ware to say?
  10. FiveRings

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    I see, the old CZ special, can't come back with a consequent response so you just reach at something else.
  11. Crown Royal

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    This is very much how I feel. If I remember Tyron was an RT all throughout college. Why we have decided he is the next great LT is a little beyond me. He MAY turn into a good or great LT with time, but he is already a very sound RT. if we can get a good or great LT why not put Tyron in what may be his best position to succeed.

    This is where I get concerned with what we are going. We don't seem to be putting our talent in the best position to succeed according to their strength.
  12. Bluestang

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    I actually explained it to you, and in the real CZ special that is par for this forum, it went right over your head.

    You even suggested that Smith should be better suited in th weight room rather than studying film.

    What an incredible stupid thing to say.
  13. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Tryon Smith was playing LT for the first time in his career, he'll be fine. They need to see what Parnell can do on the right side. Bench Doug Free.
  14. davidyee

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    Without technique and discipline your unit is a disaster. Working on the wieghtroom will not make you an o-lineman, but being a student of the game can make you an NFL worthy candidate.

    Far too often have we seen players drafted who have the physical attributes of a stud lineman, but have not applied themselves to the discipline of the position.

    The Cowboys had one of the best technical lineman in the game who was undersized. He had great discipline and focus to not only maintain leverage, but he also was the leader of the unit who made the protection calls.

    Brains matter just as much as brawn.
  15. Idgit

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    I think he just chose not to argue with you further since you'd declined to back up your own opinion with anything factual after he'd done so much to support his.
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    Tyron has the nearly perfect body to be a top LT. He has the attitude and drive to keep improving.

    It was always thought that he would one day go to LT when he was drafted.

    He played RT in college because USC already had a top LT when he came into school. And then got another one to replace him. It was never a reflection on his abilities; simply a case where the OL coach decided if it is working don't mess with it.

    If it ain't broke don't fix it.

    Can you imagine the condition Romo would be in if Free was the LT this year?
  17. Chuck 54

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    Since Parnell performed well for Smith, why not try him there and at least consider moving The more powerful Smith back to the RT side?
  18. Eskimo

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    We'll have hit the jackpot if Parnell can become a competent LT. Then we can flip Tyron back to RT and have a set of bookend OTs. If Smith cleans everything up at RT then we can provide extra help at LT.

    More likely I think Parnell hasn't been exposed yet to good edge rusher since Tyron went down (Cleveland, Washington were the opponents). It'll be interesting to see how he does against a Pro Bowler, Trent Cole, on Sunday.

    A more likely scenario is that they decide Parnell is good enough to handle RT but overmatched at LT and move him to RT and then cut Free if he shows well the rest of the year.
  19. FiveRings

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    How is that a stupid thing to say? It's true, Smith has a leaner body build than most tackles in the NFL and with the athleticism he already possesses, added strength and mass will make him a top flight tackle in the NFL.

    And I'm not saying that film study is pointless, you just conveniently left out the part how the conversation was driven towards bull rushes and it's on that topic that I suggested time is better spent in the weight room than the film room
  20. FiveRings

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    I agree but that's not the point we were discussing, in every position in football film study is important but when it comes to an O lineman setting up for a bull rush it doesn't get much more straight forward than that; adding weight and strength is the best solution for a lineman struggling with a bull rush.

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