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    I know Reality is generally against modding out vBulletin 3, but this is such an awesome feature. A lot of times someone will post a long post that you want to slice down into multiple quotes to reply to. This mod allows you to very easily do it. You simply select some text and a popup appears that lets you click "Quote this text" and it inserts what you've highlighted in to your reply box as a quote by whatever user made the post.

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    I don't use third party mods because that's the primary way all forum sites get hacked. Just recently another large (non-sports related) vBulletin forum site got hacked after many years of never having a problem all because of a third party mod they had installed.

    They had several mods installed so when they got hacked, they had no idea which mod it was which required them guessing at which mods to remove until they found it. During that guessing process, they got hacked yet again.

    To make matters worse, the people behind the hack installed countless trojan horse viruses so a lot of users were ultimately infected and put at risk.

    We only use a couple of old mods on CZ and before I installed them, I went through every single line of code in them looking for exploits. Even then, I hesitated to install them and decided then never to add any more unofficial mods.

    I will admit there are some nice mods out there but most users come here for the content and discussions rather than cool features and that is really what CowboysZone has always focused on.

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    I understand the concern. Though I can say there would be little risk with iQuote as it's a small piece of client side javascript that performs some functions on selectable text.

    Thanks for looking at it either way.

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