Iranian homosexuals living on the edge

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    Islamic Republic proves a dangerous place to be gay, as refugee tells of life in fear in a place that 'kills people for falling in love'; If we fight God's will why did he created us like this, he asks

    Iran is no place to develop any tendencies the regime might deem abnormal, like being gay: "I was born and raised in Iran, a country that kills people for falling in love," a young gay Iranian wrote on the IRQO (Iranian Queer Organization) website.

    "My government kills homosexuals by asserting we are an enemy of GOD. My president denies us even our existence as human beings when he claimed there are no homosexuals in Iran during his speech at Colombia University.

    "If he can say there are no homosexuals in Iran, it is because we cannot show ourselves. We stay hidden because if we are visible they will lash us; they will hang us; they will kill us.

    "They tell us that we are fighting with God by falling in love with the same sex," the letter continued. "I want to understand that if this is the case, then why has God created us like this?"
    "Whats wrong with me?"

    The man, who chose the alias Sepehr, continued to unveil his story in a heartfelt letter: "When I began high school, the abuse started. This left emotional scars. Then I met someone from school who changed my life, but this came at a cost… My period of dejection began from there. I was afraid of everyone and everything and tried to straighten my life.

    "I eventually went to see a doctor and realized that this is my nature and not a virus of some sort," he wrote; "but the effects of my sexual identity had me trapped again… Am I sick? Do I have a disease? Has My family abandoned me, and just because I love people of the same sex as me?"

    Sepehr eventually left Iran and many like him are forced to do so as well, often seeking political asylum in the West. Those denied have no choice by to return to Iran, where more often than none, they face the death penalty.

    "I left Iran by bus to Pakistan because I was being threatened. If arrested, I risk being killed in a public execution with no trial… I finally ended up in Malaysia in May 2007 where I applied for asylum," he wrote.

    Ironically, Sepehr is looking for his salvation from the very God in whose name he was being persecuted: "Now I am praying. I am crying. I am begging my God to help me.

    "I had plans. I wanted to write books. I wanted to share my experiences. I wanted to help gay men to better understand who they are. I wanted to speak with people to help them to understand that I deserve to live too.

    "But this is my life now. I can't understand is what I have done so wrong that I deserve to be beaten with a gun… I cannot continue this life. I am still young. I want to be alive but I don't know how.",7340,L-3509570,00.html

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    one of my friends who fought in kuwait said they'd go into burned out buildings and other odd places and see men getting gay all over young boys all the time. well, maybe just every once in awhile. in any event - if you live in an extreme society you simply won't understand mob mentality when it turns on you.

    if they're not jihad'ing by lunch they're having a bad day.
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    And still some will defend the Iranians right to do that. (stone gays, etc)
    We are supposed to understand and accept their culture.

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    like the great eddie izzard once said - when you go outside your country to committ atrocities, you run into problems. if you kill your own people they're usually fine with it as the other countries were likely trying to kill them off for generations anyway.

    paraphrased, of course. i don't want hillary to come slap me around for something like this.
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    Whatever it takes.............

    I just want to know where all the great "American" liberals are on all the abuses of gays and women overseas?

    You know, any coward could bad mouth THIS country over the most minor perceived blight on "civil rights". But you hear nary a word about he atrocities committed in the middle east and Cuba and other "turd world" countries. Because they know that the U.S. military and wars won have given them the freedoms to speak ill of THIS country..............mostly for misconceptions and lies to begin with.

    Cowards. Drop them in the middle of Iran or Cuba for an afternoon, and see how loud they bark all their PC bull****!! The lilly-livered little flowers will fold up and clam up like a broken lawn chair 'round those parts...........

    They're all "big and bad" in a country where no retribution or recrimination is afoot when they open their pie-wholes. Try that coward crap in the Sudan and see how long you last.............

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