Irony of all ironies -- Steelers fan complaining about refs

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Reverend Conehead, Jan 5, 2014.

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    The Steelers, the team with 6 Lombardis that only earned 3. The Steelers got handed free Lombardis in Super Bowl 13 against us, 40 against the Seahawks, and 44 against the Cardinals. Plus, they unjustly won the '79 AFC Championship thanks to the refs screwup calling the Oilers' Mike Renfro out of bounds when he really caught the TD that would have sent the Oilers to the Super Bowl instead of the Squealers.

    The Steelers have been the luckiest team in history for ref calls. So this fan on Facebook was whining about some call in their game against the Chiefs that kept the SteelWhores out of the playoffs. Boo-hoo. I haven't seen the play. I'd be curious if it actually was a bad call or is he like an Eagles fan, who quite typically sees bad calls when they're not there.
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    Right on!
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    I hear ya, .. I live and work with steeler fans all around me, .. I hear this crap all of the time.

    But I have to be honest, .. I did not hear one, .. not one word about the steelers this season. Never talked about their team ONE time.

    Now that is a 'fair weather fan' for you.
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    Not to mention the Hail Mary that the Colts completed before the Steelers ever got to the 95 Super Bowl against Dallas.
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    The Oilers lost that AFC Championship game 13-27. Even if they ruled the TD correctly(Renfro did catch it in bounds) the Oilers still had some more work to do to pull out that game. I don't think the Oilers had the talent to pull it off. If you could stop Earl Campbell then you were most likely going to beat the Oilers that year. Houston lost 2 regular season games when Earl went for over a 100 yards. The Steelers held him to 15 yards that game on 17 carries.
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    i dont remember the hail mary, but I do remember Slash having a foot out of bounds in the back of the end zone when he was awarded the winning TD.

    btw, IMO, Pitt may have gotten hosed. Weddle fumbled. His forward progress was not stopped. If that is what they were calling, it was a very premature whistle. But, I never saw a replay where I heard a whistle, CBS did a poor job of covering that replay. Even if premature, if the whistle did indeed blow before the fumble, then the Steelers have no leg to stand on. However, if the ball was out before the whistle (Texas/ISU), the Steelers definitely have a valid beef.

    Either way, I don't care. They have been gifted by the league so many times. It was nice to see them get the shaft this time.

    Their stance makes me think of the person who happily accepts the extra beverage the vending machine spits out time and again........but let that same machine take his money one time, and he is writing nasty letters to distributors.

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