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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Ceasaleo88, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Ceasaleo88

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    U guys still think Tebow is a damn H-back or TE? Evevn with the picks, he looks better that Bradford to me. Give me Tebow with our 1st pick in the 4th no questions asked. If he lasts that long
  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    Personally I think bradford looked like a much better NFL QB than Tebow.

    Even with the INTs that Bradford had, he still got it to the WRs Hands and they either screwed it up or the florida defenders made great plays.

    Tebow to me seems like such an erratic passer even though his passing TD stats would suggest otherwise.

    I think the majority of the NFL will probably see the same as I don't think there is a draft where Tebow would go before Bradford.
  3. Shinywalrus

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    I'm not even sure if he's that. I might be persuaded to drop a 4th on potential, but anything more would be too much of a bet.
  4. IlliniNation

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    Bradford is way much more of an NFL QB than Tebow. I like Tebow but not as a QB in the NFL. H-back or a TE but not QB.
  5. Ceasaleo88

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    Let me clear this up... I wasn't tryin to say he's a better passer than Bradford right now, but he's no scrub either. The opinions that he will end up a TE or H-Back just seem very short sighted to me. He has progressed as a passer every year.

    It's crazy to me that I see people on here downing him as a QB, when this guy shows enough potential to be at the very least a very servicable back up. And with eeveryone so stuck on character these days (ie Pacman, Tank, and TO being cut), why not get a guy who has all the intangibles, but just needs to learn to be a pro passer. I'm not sayin he's a 1st round talent right now (and I emphasize right now). I'm saying that I think he pans out as a respectable NFL QB. Bradford, Stafford, and a couple other guys r ranked ahead of him and for good reason. I just think that if u give him 2 good years of learning a pro system and how to play QB from a pro coach, he'll be a stud. Just my opinion
  6. Bob Sacamano

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    Tebow is an H-back

    he's big, hard to bring down, good speed, and being a QB he can find all the soft spots in coverage
  7. ghst187

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    i would never want to say anything negative about Tebow, he's a class act, a phenomenal college football player, and a joy to watch......that said, I have a hard time seeing him fit in anywhere in the NFL other than a #3 QB on a decent team or a #2 QB on a bad team. His passing skills just aren't there yet. Florida struggled mightily unless Tebow was running the ball.
    Bradford is a great QB that is destined for the NFL. He has great size and his decision making is top-notch. He also throws a pretty ball and one that's pretty accurate. His INTs were not his fault at all. Florida played tremendous defense and their DBs did a great job against OU's WRs. Bradford did pretty well but like every QB, looks much better and better results with a good running game. I would bet anything that if Demarco Murray is healthy for the entire UT game and the entire NC game, OU goes undefeated. Murray was the cog that made OU's offense completely unstoppable because he is such a dynamic runner and pass catcher out of the backfield. He has a lot of speed too. Murray is a game-changer. Brown had a good game, but he wasn't the difference maker that OU needed. OU with a healthy Murray would've beaten Florida by at least 2 TDs...and I'm not knocking Florida. IMO, if Murray can beat the injury bug he's going to be a dangerous pro at some point.
    But the teams we watched play in the NC game and the way they played, both would've been defeated by Utah.
  8. RESIN8

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    Tebow could be insane in the NFL's version of the wildcat.

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