Is Average in Big D the 'new normal'

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by panther1012, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Its everybodys right to complain. But after seeing the same complaint post in every thread its just time to give it a break dont you think?

    Thats borderline trolling
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    No, there is a difference between complaining with a legitimate argument, and whining.
  3. M'Kevon

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    Really? You're using a quote from almost 20 years ago now?

    Nothing better (or legitmate) than that. Shame.
  4. john van brocklin

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    Feel your pain, bro :(
  5. Reverend Conehead

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    I think very few fans accept the mediocrity. Most of us scream about it on boards like this one and on radio talk shows, etc., but that's really all we can do since we're not the owner or GM or any kind of coach.
  6. Idgit

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    Yep. i've yet to see one that does.
  7. visionary

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    Great post
    See examples of what you are saying in this very thread

    It is lowered expectations out of fear, partly also the "look at me I am a real fan", and also the need for acceptance
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    I know plenty of people who are fans of other teams and a lot of them are able to look at their teams at face value. It seems like Cowboys fans can never do that. It could be the media talking about how "talented" this team is or how this year could finally be "THE" year for the Cowboys.

    If we just take a step back and look at the Cowboys honestly, with all the "Americas Team" and "Cowboys brand" aside, this is just another average football team. However, since we're the Cowboys (the Yankees of the NFL) there are always high expectations for this team regardless of the talent level and it has an effect on the fans who constantly expect greatness.

    This team and core group of players has done nothing to show fans that they're capable of that kind of greatness. Do we have great players? Yes, but we're certainly not a "whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" kind of team.

    If we looked at another team who consistently blows chances to make the playoffs and had 1 playoff victory under its belt since 1996, then would we HONESTLY look at that team and see greatness, or anything other than average? The Cowboys are who they are; a mediocre football team who can't win in crunch time. It's who they've been for a long time now.
  9. Seven

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    New? That's funny right there. It's beyond mediocre. Fans celebrate the loss of a division rival like it's our Super Bowl. That's what Jerry and the gang have given us. Pathetic.
  10. Seven

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    Really? We're still waiting. You hit it out of the ball park and don't even realize it. Thanks.
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    Here's an option. If you don't like what he has to say, you can just not subscribe to the thread and go hang out in the newszone somewhere.
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    Everything positive and negative is predicated on what the management does.

    There is a rumor they will cut Free. They have suggested that Parnell will be the man at right tackle.

    Now it is early, and the results are not in. However, if this is the case, and Parnell is the answer, then it brings up a couple of questions.

    1. If he is the answer, why did Free play so long? (Garrett)

    2. If he turns out not to be the answer, will there be a suitable alternative? (Jones and Garrett)

    3. If the line play ends up as it was this year, what does that ultimately say about who is pulling the strings? (Jones and Garrett)

    Now it will be a while before this rumor is made fact, and the results are in. But this is a prime example of why fans are frustrated with the team and speak out.

    Because the same people that built the mess we fielded this season - and 8-8 was not a success - are the very same people who will again for the fifteenth straight season try to pull the car out of the mud.

    So while we can talk about Lee, and if he is healthy will he be one of the best in the game. And how combined with Bruce the linebackers look very promising.

    How is ware and his shoulder?

    Aren't you excited about Clai and what he will bring to the table.

    What happens to Jenkins?

    The bottom line is this is a team sport, and the results each year are the point. And anyone who suggests people are spoiled because they watched the success years ago is a head scratcher for me.

    Because I am not a fan of this team to watch mediocrity. I am a fan because it is my home town team, one that had a rich history of success, and is now in a slump that has gone on for too long.

    And no, I will not change teams, nor will I stop expressing my opinion on this team and the people who make the decisions that end up being less than acceptable.
  13. TheXFactor

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    Exactly. I don't understand how people can call being extremely frustrated with our annually mediocre team "whining". Venting frustration is not whining, especially with a team that poops the bed in huge games like this team does.
  14. Rogerthat12

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    The essential point is until this team starts winning on a consistent basis again and is competing for SB titles, then overall our fan base simply will not and should not be satisfied.

    The Cowboy's are America's team regardless of the tarnish that the intermittent mediocrity has caused since the sweet Glory days.

    Some of us were around for the Glory years (so glad I was fortunate enough to witness these championships) and it is precisely this rich winning tradition that should inform and raise the standard for subsequent incarnations of the team.

    The main problematic and for a myriad of reasons, this team has been in a state of flux for well over a decade and simply has not been able to produce a true championship caliber team that could actually compete and win SB titles.

    Until this problematic is substantively rectified in concrete terms, that is to say, until this team is competitive enough to not only go to the tournament but to actually be capable of winning it, then we should not be satisfied as fans!:star::star::star::star::star:
  15. visionary

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    When you are a blind homer and have the "look at me I am a better fan than you are" syndrome, you cant help but pump some sunshine to try and distract
  16. Redball Express

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    That once Jones announced the new stadium as in the works..that really took his mind off of what needed to be done with the team.

    He brought in Parcells and he brought in "his guys" and things went on cruse control for awhile and we saw improvement on the field, but it didn't last.

    When we put in Romo, even Parcells said something to the effect when he left about Tony Romo being a potential coach killer if he didn't upgrade his playability.

    Seems he was spot-on.

    :star: RedBalLL ExPreSS:star:
  17. EPL0c0

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    as long as Jerry continues to try to rebuild/remake/clone the early-1990's Cowboys team every year, average will be a blessing.
  18. Beast_from_East

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    I feel you bro, but hang in there. All it should take is one more season of no playoffs and Opie will be shown the door. At that time it is my hope that Jerry will finally decide to hire a legit HC with a proven track record of success.

    The Garrett experiment is almost over, so dont give up just yet.
  19. Woods

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    I agree with you.

    But we definitely are going to have to make a couple of personnel moves to get over the hump. IMO, we don't have the talent we need on the OL and DL.

    If healthy, we're fine at QB, WR, RB, TE, LB, CB, and possibly even at Safety with Church (though I would draft another Safety regardless).

    I do like the fight the team has, and I think we are adding some quality draft picks over the past two years.

    But there is no way we can go out next season with that same OL and DL and think we're going to be a top tier team.
  20. Idgit

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    Well, this was rude. You might consider that I was actually participating in this thread and offering an option that many of us might consider valid. It wouldn't be the first time that a thread premise presented a false dichotomy.

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