Is Garrett's Offense Too Complicated?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DOUBLE WING, Nov 23, 2012.


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    I wonder this when I see players constantly confused pre-snap, the same stupid false start penalties and other mistakes happening over and over. Delays getting the play in. Receivers not in sync with Romo.

    Is the offense just too complicated? Are the players having to think too much? I saw this recently living here in Los Angeles. The Lakers fired Mike Brown, who was trying to install a very complex "Princeton offense". It was clear the players just weren't getting it and they admitted they were thinking too much on the court. The Lakers have clearly been playing better since firing Brown and have admitted they are playing much more "free". I feel our players may be thinking too much. Maybe too much is being asked of them? Garrett is clearly a smart guy. But he may not be able to relate to players the way they need to be related to. I get the impression from the outside looking in that he might treat everyone like they're on his intellectual level, rather than simplifying things and making the offense more "player friendly".

    Or.. Maybe all our players are just idiots.
  2. VACowboy

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    I don't know it's too complicated, but I do think it sucks rocks. It just doesn't put the players in position to make plays.
  3. Chocolate Lab

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    I've always suspected this. I think it's why the offense is so boom or bust (though lately it's only bust). But I think it helps explain all the QB-WR miscommunication and the disarray we see.

    Just look at Washington's offense... There were some very creative plays out there yesterday that were run effectively even with a rookie QB, rookie RB, and a rookie WR like Robinson. And Rob Ryan was throwing different looks at them, too. But they still were far more efficient than our offense.
  4. Gaede

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    Same with SF the other night. Running complicated, creative plays with a first time starter at QB.
  5. RS12

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    I think that is going to be irrelevant in 5 weeks.
  6. 17yearsandcounting

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    If any thing it is too simple. Vanilla plays, vanilla formations, predictable plays based on down and distance.

    He is running the 90's Cowboys dozen play offense and then scratching his head as to why its not working.
  7. MagicMan

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    I don't think its too complicated....more than maybe just not suited for the players we have. Garrett should be running plays that the players are comfortable running or suited to their strengths. I.E. More sprintouts by Romo, moving pocket, etc. For Dez, more slants, skinny post patterns, screens....for Felix, screen passes, end arounds, pitchouts (when is the last time we saw a pitchout to get him in the open field pronto ala Dorsett...?)

    They should practice, practice, practice.......until it is second nature then just run the heck out of them. Right now, it is more like a grab bag offense and trys to outsmart the defense when they only outsmart themselves.
    Hence the confusion...I noticed Romo "kills" a lot of plays and then the OLmen screw up on the count.

    Garrett should have just designed an offense suited for his personnel rather than for the early '90's Cowboys...these ain't no 90's Cowboys. ohhh, crap, which reminds me now we have a HC And a GM who think we are still in the '90's. :banghead:
  8. Mr Cowboy

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    No, it's not to complicated, it is his insistence on coming up with a game plan that has no plan of attack, trying to find out what the defense is is giving him. He doesn't start to attack the defense until its too late and the team is fighting from behind.

    It's almost an arrogance, "my game plan is great because I am so much smarter than everyone else. I am going to beat you with this game plan." He won't make adjustments, until its too little to late!
  9. Star Guard_31

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    Yes! It doesn't matter how smart your head coach is if the offense he orchestrates is too complex for all of the 11 players on the field to understand. The number of delay of game penalties, blown assignments and obvious confusion at the line of scrimmage all screams overly complicated. Simply put, we are outsmarting ourselves.
  10. nake

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    I don't think the false starts have anything to do with Garrett's offense.

    Most players in the NFL can learn to read the defense. On the NFL network yesterday morning, Kurt Warner went through three plays using game films and stop action to show how the receivers weren't reading the defense correctly against the Browns. On one play, it showed Dez starting out on the left side and having a completely open seam, a crossing pattern generally in the direction of the right pylon. Wide open. Warner said that is the route Romo expected him to take. Instead, Dez kind of curled up and stopped near the sideline, and Romo didn't know where he was or didn't think he could get the ball to him. That was when he threw the real long pass to Ogletree down the right sideline that was broken up.

    There were two other examples, but the point is an NFL caliber receiver should be able to make these reads, and Dez and Ogletree aren't doing it. We can expect some problems with rookies, but not with vets.
  11. Zman5

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    I'm not sure if it's more or less complicated than other offenses but it is clear that the team doesn't practice well.

    The way they start the games, it looks like they are playing their first preseason game. It looks like they haven't practiced together for long time.

    Players are not on the same page. Coaches aren't getting the players prepared.
  12. bbailey423

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    Too complicated? Actually it is the EXACT opposite. Have you noticed the windows Romo has to fit the football in? Have you noticed much pre-snap movement to create mismatches. Have you noticed how often on 2nd and 1......we usually wind up with 4th and 1....and all the fans sitting on the edge of their seat wondering if our 3rd attempt to gain ONE YARD is going to succeed? I think we threw a jump ball to the FB on 4th and 1 last week. Comical. Comical

    We have heard OFTEN how easy the offense was to prepare for. And you notice...ever since the superior talent of TO...a in his prime Witten....a Pro Bowler in Flozell and Leonard Davis...a 1 year phenom in Barber....if you notice...once they have left the building...the offense has circled the drain

    You can stick a tape of the 90s offense into the VCR (yes I said VCR)...and prepare for Dallas.

    You notice how San Diego has gotten steadliy worse as the talent has been drained from that offense.

    This offense is may know what is coming....but my guy is physically superior to stop me if you can. Pretty easy to do in the 90s....because our guys WERE better than your guys. But that is NOT the case today. Especially after you have injuries and have to rely on 3rd and 4th stringers.
  13. 17yearsandcounting

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    Yep. Look at what San Fran did Monday or what Washington did yesterday. They scheme to put their players in positions to suceed. That just isnt happening here.

    The only bootleg weve ran all season was on the goal line against NYG, right? Thats pure incompetence for what kind of QB we have.
  14. dexternjack

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    I think when they are supposed to be practicing, they have CoD tournaments. Probably coaches vs players in some sort of bracketed tourney.

    When the fun is over, the coaches head upstairs and play Madden to find new offensive plays. Once 10 simulated games are run, they scratch out a game-plan and head to Pizza hut for the late-night buffet.

    The next day, Garrett decides he doesn't like the new plays and goes back to the 1994 offense expecting Romo to wake up looking like Aikman.
  15. Dave_in-NC

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  16. ConstantReboot

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    Yes it is. Its complicated in a counterproductive way.

    I think its stupid that we call two plays and everyone has to know what those two plays are. Why not go on one play, stick with it - and within that one play have each receiver run a variation of routes based on audibles. If no audible, run the play as what your supposed to.

    The offense should be simple. Although its a vanilla offense with very few variations. Its complicated because the offense needs to know two plays all the time.
  17. TheCount

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    lol. No, it's not too complicated.
  18. mgcowboy

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    It's not thinks it doesn't fit a QB like doesn't utilize his strengths.. I know Romo tries his best but it's clear that it's not working...

  19. Prossman

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    I dont understand the way garrett is trying to run it. The patterns for the wrs seem predictable. It may be a fine playbook on paper but you have to utilise your players strenghts and the RHG does seem to do that at all.
  20. big dog cowboy

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    You don't see the value of having the choice between a running play and a passing play based on what the defense is showing?

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