Is it fair to say or even consider that Romo is a coach killer

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by TVMan, Dec 16, 2013.

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    In the teams 7 losses this year Romo has 17 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.

    By comparison, in 4 losses Brady has 3 Touchdowns and 4 INTs.

    In 4 Losses for Drew Brees he has 6 TDs and 5 INTs.

    In 3 L's Peyton has 7 TDs and 3 INTs.

    Romo ain't killing a damn thing.
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    as Sturm wrote in another article, Romo has to know, damn if I don't get a first down, this defence won't stop them so we lose anyway
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    On a side note, if it makes you feel better, Eli is toast as well. Coughlin is done.

    We may have 3 new HC's in the NFC East next year.
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    Did Romo kill Parcells? Nope. Parcells left on his own after getting his money.
    Did Romo kill Wade? Nope. Wade lost the team while red headed "genius" offense barely mustered 7 points against the Rodgers led Packers at home. His coaching stint fit the same pattern as in years past.
    Did Romo kill Garrett? Nope. He does that fine by himself.

    Therefore, not a coach killer.
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    Agree, but if this were a cowboy the narrative would be " once great, now
    Also throw in Peyton, and 2x SB winner Eli. They wouldn't last long behind some of the O Lines we have fielded, and certainly not behind this years version of a D
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    And his line gives him the time to find those open receivers , who by the way are open due to running legal pick plays, which we somehow don't fit into our Offense
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    Not a coach killer but I think Romo's skills are declining. He can't run and his passes have no zip. He underthrows too many receivers and can't throw a deep ball to save his life. The excuses for him are endless but I have run out of excuses. I will always support him while he is the QB for the Cowboys but I have lost all trust in him. I'm ready to move on from Romo not because of the Packer loss but because I think he makes too many bad decisions and his passes are getting more inconsistent. I know he didn't have a good coach in his prime or a defense but I think he's past his prime. For some reason I just can't picture the guy holding a Lombardi. I think he ends up playing somewhere else before its all said and done and I wish him well..............................................
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    You apparently have not looked as his contract.................dude is going to be playing till he is 40 with that extension.
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    Tony would have done better stat wise and have more wins without JG.
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    I'm much more inclined to label our current defense as being the "coach killer" this year, rather than Romo.
    I strongly believe Tony has done enough to enjoy far more succes this season than he has had if we'd had a significantly better quality of defense at this team's disposal. Most good QBs would fail to overcome that curse.
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    Pretty bad example as Brady is finding out that they cant just put anybody out on the field and everything he throws will be golden. Hes been to blame on a few Pat loses with his game ending INTs too.
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    Only in Dallas is a QB blamed when he throws for 500 yds and 5 TDs and loses or when his defense gives up 5 straight TDs in a half and blows a 23 point lead. The guy threw a bad pick (the other one Beasley stopped running his route) that ended up giving the other team the ball at the 50. We still led by 5. The defense was unable to stop anything. Romo did not have a great game, but they led by 23 points! As injured as the defense was, there was still Ware, Hatcher, Selvie, Hayden, Carr, Scandrick, Church, Wilber, Wilcox/Heath etc. That's most of our current starters. The LB situation was terrible but that does not excuse the D's absolute inability to generate any pass rush or stop ANY drive in the second half! Carr had an easy pick that he just dropped. That drive led to a TD. The Packers have guys diving and making picks while we have a 50 million dollar CB drop a gift in his hands. Same crap last week against Chicago with the dropped picks.

    Romo has made some big mistakes in his career, and so has every top QB. Nobody was calling him a "coach killer" when he went on the road in windy, freezing NJ a couple of weeks ago and led the team to a critical game-winning drive (after the D blew yet ANOTHER lead). Nobody called him a coach killer when he took the team down the field for the game-winning TD against Minnesota. He wasn't a coach killer when he had five 4th quarter comebacks last season to keep this team alive despite a terrible OL, running game, and defense (take a look at what Eli has done in a similar situation this year). Nobody called him a coach killer in '09 when he went into New Orleans and outplayed Brees and the undefeated Saints, then beat Washington, the Eagles, and then won a playoff game. Most coaches in this league would love to have had a QB over the past 7 or so years play as well as Romo has played. The guy throws for 4 TDs and 0 INTs against the Giants in a huge late season game in '11 and loses because his defense can't hold on to a 12 point lead with 5 minutes left in the game! Sound familiar? I think we had double digit leads in 4 of our 7 losses this season. Is the real issue not obvious?! Some people are so hell-bent on finding that QB scapegoat that they'll harp on 1 bad audible and pass in a game where they score 36 points and led by 23 until the defense stopped making ANY plays. Romo missed some throws and made a bad play with his 1st pick, but to call him a coach killer when you look at the entire body of work is moronic. It's more like Jerry is a "franchise-killer" or Garrett is a "clock/game management idiot".
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    Coach killer no. Dream killer yes.
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    I don't think so. I've seen many players get huge contracts and end up somewhere else. I'm not arguing with you either..

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