Is Jerry taking more public heat than we've ever seen before?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MaineBoy, Nov 9, 2012.

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    He's getting older and the team is less successful each year. It's got to be getting harder for him to take. He said himself, his window is closing. I say turn up the heat.
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    Unfortunately, I do.

    That was about the same time they showed our GM on the phone with some other GM, can't remember who, telling him how he might have found not one, but two franchise QBs in Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson.

    Quincy shared a birthday with him and that had to mean something.
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    This is diffrent than years past.

    IMO fans are realizing Jerry has done everything possible to change this teams around and the results are the same year after year. He is the only thing thaat hasnt changed and when he finally came out on TV and told the Cowboys nation that it really doesnt matter what they think "he is going to remain the GM", alot of us took it very personal. Many of us where fans before Jerry and look at the Cowboys as belonging to them in some small way and when Jerry fails to give any control back to us it created an outcry from fans that we havnt seen since he fired Landry the way he did.
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    Listening to Jerry he sounds as optimistic as ever no amount of criticism gets him down at least not in front of a camera. The lowest I ever saw him was immediately after the the blowout loss to Green Bay in 2010 when he said he may have overestimated his players.

    It's only time I can ever remember him looking humbled. It was one of the rare moments when he was real candid about his team. As long as fans keep filling up his stadium he won't be taking any drastic measures he's too stuck in his ways to change. No matter how bad the team gets I'm convinced he'll never hire a GM.

    He thought about bringing in Dan Reeves a few years ago as a consultant but that never worked out. When his health starts failing he'll just turn over the team to Stephen. We just have to hope he doesn't have the ego Jerry has and will hire a GM and a competent head coach and allow them to do their jobs.
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    Campo was the sacrificial salary cap lamb.If im not mistaken we were eating about 40% in dead cap money when he got hired. Dont get me wrong Campo was horrible as a head coach, but he took one for the team. As soon as that was cleared up real coaches wanted to coach the boys
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    Fans in Dallas need a good ol fashion ticket burning at Jerry's World like the giant fans did back in 1978. that def lead to a change in the giant management.,5696212
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    Just as big of a laughing stock

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