News: Is Lance Dunbar a 'complete weapon' for Cowboys?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by morasp, Jun 25, 2014.

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    • By Dan Hanzus, Around the League Writer
    • Published: June 25, 2014 at 02:38 p.m.
    The hype train is rolling fast for Lance Dunbar, who's become a trendy pick as a breakout player for the Dallas Cowboys in 2014.

    Is it deserved? That would probably depend on your expectations for Dunbar, a 5-foot-8, 188-pound change-of-pace back who showed flashes of legit playmaking ability behind DeMarco Murray a season ago.

    "Well, he's a guy that's going to be a complete weapon," said Cowboys running backs coach Gary Brown, according to Fox Sports Southwest. "We can line him up anywhere on the team-tailback spot, at the wide receiver spot, in the slot.

    "He has tremendous hands and he's just not a specialty guy. He could play tailback if you need him to go out there and give you 15 or 20 carries. He's that type of kid," Brown continued. "He brings a whole different dimension, a whole different vibe in our room as far as what he does and we're looking forward to using him as a weapon as well."

    The high point and nadir of Dunbar's 2013 season came on Thanksgiving Day. Dunbar gashed the Oakland Raiders for 82 yards on just 12 carries before suffering a season-ending knee injury. Dunbar's slight build will always bring questions about whether he can withstand the demands of regular touches at this level.
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    Has Lance Dunbar played more than twenty plays in a game that actually counted in the standings?

    I think to project his complete weapon moniker, one would need to first see him use all the skills and use them in a real game setting.

    To be determined is about the best you can say.

    As an added point, doesn't complete weapon also include hammering out the shirt yardage needed?

    See Emmitt thread for the ad nauseum version of that question.
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    This same babble is spewed every year about how this guy is a complete weapon, Romo's throwing better than ever, Miles Austin's hamstring is feeling the best it has since grade school, Sean Lee has rehabbed his injury and is ready to go, Anthony Spencer is on track to lift this defense to the promise land. Our coaches are drinking secret sauce.

    How about we try not go 8-8 or worse for a 4th straight season.
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    he has the tools to be a nice player. he has to stay healthy and hang onto the ball but the talent is there, be it in a small body
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    I really like him, and absolutely believe he should get the ball in his hands in some way in every game but I honestly think Ryan Williams will take over the starter role should Murray go down. Dunbar is best in small doses.
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    Every summer we keep hearing about Dunbar being something special and it ends up being just more hype. Heading into last season Jerry claimed Dunbar was our Darren Sproles. :rolleyes: He had 2 touches vs KC in week 2 last season and fumbled one of those away. He has some speed and quickness but the Cowboys don't appear to trust him. In his 64 touches over his 2 year career he's put the ball on the ground twice.
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    We already did
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    He's already a pretty good player, and it sounds like he's going to get a shot to prove he can be better than that. I hope he turns out to be better than good.

    Not sure why you guys have any issue with this guy getting some love. He's looked pretty good in the snaps he's gotten.
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    I don't think he's even an incomplete weapon.
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  10. Alexander

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    This player is probably one of the more overhyped players I have seen in recent memory.

    The production just has not been there to justify it.
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  11. jobberone

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    I agree with all except maybe the last point about being a short yardage back; maybe.
  12. jobberone

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    He's an exciting player. You see players with the quicks and those with speed. When you get them both together with good hands that's even better.

    To be a complete back he has to be able to block for Romo. His size makes his reliability and blocking a question. But there is no question he can make plays.
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    All hype
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    I don't care if it is hype. If this Dunbar can be a Sproles/Harvin type player I will be more than happy. But I don't know if I trust our coaching staff enough to put in 5 to 10 plays a week that would highlight his talents. We will need scoring from the second and third tier guys like a Dunbar or a Harris to compete with the defense we will probably field this season.
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    Injury-waiting-to-happen aside, the guy has speed and moves. We saw a small sample size of that last year. Used correctly, he could be very good. Linehan could very easily use a combination of him and Beasley in a "Reggie Bush" role. I don't think he is starter material, but as a change of pace back, he could be one of the best.
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    Jason Garrett, in paticular, as the play caller, has done a poor job in my opinion of using these types of guy's correctly. However, if you look at what Linehan did with Reggie Bush last year, you might understand why I have high hopes for this offense in the upcoming season.
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    For this reason, he's not likely to be used as a 3rd down back. But get him the ball in space and you will see why he should warrant a spot in the final 53.
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    He's a pretty good pass blocker, too. And he runs hard between the tackles. His issue was with health and ball security. The latter is a deal breaker if it's not sufficiently addressed.
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    I suspect that is the goal.
    Or did you think you wanted to win more than them for some reason....:cool:
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    you are posing a different question to the thread. People like to speculate about players maturing into better players. Whats wrong with that?

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