Video: Is the end near for Tony Romo?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cmoney23, Aug 7, 2014.

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    You played Dr. Canard on "Another World," yes? I knew it!!! I loved the way you proposed to Nurse Llewellen who turned out to be the heiress who buy the hosiptal!
    Georgean Sue, Lil Jake, git over here and shake his hand!
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    The line in the sand, or the price of admission as you phrased it, is how any individual ratifies their own commentary. In my opinion, too many folks have crossed that line over the years.

    People on a message board can spout off about practically anything they want no matter how practical or impractical their comments may be. Theirs is simply talk, but that is not the same whenever someone speaks from an aura of respectability. Individuals like Florio profit by packaging rumors and blitz reporting as a form of authentic communication. It is paying off handsomely for him. People have acclimated themselves into willingly digesting this method of presented information. In my opinion, the 21st century is shortchanging itself in this aspect. Bigtime. I wonder just how far the process will go if-and-until it corrects itself. lol. Methinks, probably not until after I've turned into wormfood. :)
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    So what did Florio say that was salacious?

    He quoted Aikman, whose a guy that's been there, done that.

    He stated his opinion and didn't dress it up as fact. He thinks Romo is done by 2016.

    I see nothing in this video clip which is mean spirited toward Romo. I see speculation, but then that's this guy's job.

    I see a great deal of emotional outbursts as people try and kill the messenger with their own opinions.
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    Speculation is not needed in relaying news to the public. Now, if he chooses to do editorial videos, so be it. It's not like there aren't tons of sports talk formats out there already as it is.
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    With HIPPA guidelines and all, Im not sure the cyst was a run-of-the mill issue.
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    I am not above anyone nor am I a world class athlete. but here's the deal: Most media outlets are around to make money and how do they make money? Easy, saying anything about the Cowboys and you'll pretty much break even on slow news days. Say something negative and you'll assure yourself some job security for quite some time. Anyone who has played football on any level can pretty see what's going on out on the field. People are just lazy and they find it easy to believe the half truths that the media sells you on about football.

    So be sarcastic and feed the media train all you want. I don't. You do what you want and I'll do what I want.
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    Every editorial I have seen from the beat writers of today to back in the day where you had sports writers with by lines offering an editorial slant, there is always a set up in the piece which underscores why the writer believes as he does.

    Florio's piece of truth was the Aikman quote and the speculation Tony isn't throwing the deep pass as effectively. That last part is speculation in that it was reported, and you can see the duck in question on the recap Blue/White scrimmage tape here. But the real reason for this position may have more to do with training camp and journalists watching him day to day. So even that might not be speculation at all.

    Thus Florio uses what truth is available and makes a conclusion. Which all writers do now.

    So how does this cross some line? Sherrod even did this in his Sunday Scatter-shooting each week. Except when he mentioned Shelby Freeman, the postal pest.
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    Actually, PFT does a fairly good job of putting out information. This is how the show is formatted: Information provided, and then panel discussion on said information. I watch on DVR, so I fast forward most the opinion pieces, unless I am particularly interested. I think the show provides a very good and succinct synopsis of league news.

    I think Ross Tucker does a very nice job on the show. Florio is Florio and digs the Cowboys any chance he gets. I don't direct my anger at such types (its called ribbing and when I grew up we all did this to each other regarding our respective teams. That was before people decided to get offended about every opinion that differed from theirs.) I instead, direct my frustration at those who make it easy for Florio to do the ribbing (i.e., those making decisions that have led to decades of futility).
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    I'm all for 'ribbing'... but he's not the Cowboys Buddy and he's not 'ribbing'.

    Hes making wild, crazy accusation (to drive clicks) with out any personal liability. Now if he'd say, "if Tony Romo's the Starter in 2016 and Manziel isn't then I'll donate 5k to charity" or "I'll stop doing this show" or "I'll sit in Jerry's box one night and clean his glasses" SOMETHING!!!
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    One of the hosts of The Fan said he's certain he's done after game 1. Of course, the other said he'd have another strong year.

    Everyone has an opinion on this.
    If Vegas doesn't have odds, they should. The over/under on Romo games would get a ton of action.
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    I feel that we are going to disagree on this topic. In the past, journalists employed artistic license in fleshing out non-editorial based articles. For the most part, the practice has been subjugated with (often pure) speculation and sometimes downright proclamation. Again, none of it is necessary for presenting news to the general public. In short, what Florio presented in his video was not a news report. It was an editorial presented as news. If other journalists follow the practice, they are doing the exact same thing. I'm only identifying the difference since there is not any hate from me towards Florio. The unnecessary speculation is understandable. ProfootballTalk is, by Florio's own definition, a rumor mill. How he and his staff presents information is the engine which drives the site. Successfully so, I might add.
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    DE - it's not that important to me. Sorry if i gave you the impression I was hanging on.
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    No worries, TD3. With Romo's luck, I wouldn't be surprised if he survived multiple sacks from Jason Pierre-Paul during a game--only to have Hawkins crack his back welcoming his dad home afterwards.

    The headline in the following day's edition of the DMN: PIERRE-PAUL ENDS ROMO CAREER.
    On page six, a Pierre-Paul quote will say, "Don't look at me. Ask his kid."

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    Or another TE
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    I'm getting sick of hearing Romo is done. Maybe we should watching him in a game before we all start to panic? I saw on another thread they think this is all a smoke screen... I tend to agree with that. Romo is a lot tougher than people give him credit for. I believe him if he says he's fine!
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    It is funny that fans get upset with anything the media says. The media isn't there to just give you facts, they live and die with responses and more people listening to them or reading them therefore it pays to make statements that we might not necessarily want to hear or read.

    Was he wrong? Who really knows. In football, every starter where it is a QB or anyone else is just one wrong hit away from the end of their career. Will Romo be the starter in 2016, well if I were GOD then I would know otherwise no one else really knows.

    ** has made similar predictions on Manning and Brady and others. To this date, not sure if any of his predictions have been right but then again I don't keep up with them all either.

    The media and ** have made a huge issue of Romo not playing in the game against San Diego tonight. By last count, 22 or the projected 32 starters in the league aren't playing in the first preseason game and at least 4 of the other ten are supposed to play only one series.

    But it is Dallas and most everything is blown way out of proportion.

    My prediction is that if Dallas starts out well in the regular season Mike F will predict that it is only because the other teams had big letdowns from the week before or injuries (like no other team has them but us) that fell in Dallas' favor.

    Will Romo play one year, two years or four more years is a question none of us has the answer. My hope though is that we do draft one either in 2015 or 2016, would love to get the kid from Oregon or UCLA but hey its a bit early for any draft prediction, isn't it?
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    He will not be the starter in 2016
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    Lol, like the past 10 we draft ever year?
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    Ha ha...that was great dude! You must've been in love with the defense the last couple years and the offense line before that because none of that was BS was it? Yeah...damn right we all really hate the only chance we have. Cheer up -- you got another 2 or three years I bet and after that --

    Presto Changeo!

    We draft a can't miss, absolute lock, blue chip, once in a generation QB to win us two or three Super Bowls. This whole thing is so easy it'll be like taking candy from a baby.

    The Cowboys will be back, it's an automatic! Book it ! Whoooopppppeeeeeee!!!!!
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    So easy every one does it! Said the Bears, Lions, Browns, Bills, Cardinals, Bungels, Chiefs, Dolphins, Titans, Texans, Raiders, Etc! :rolleyes:
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