is this a possible mock?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JoeyBoy718, Apr 14, 2012.

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    I'm not sure if some of these guys will be there in the rounds I predicted. I also don't know too much about the CBs I named. I just went for tall CBs who had a grade similar to where I chose them to be picked. I really like Derek Wolfe for a mid/late round D-linemen; however, I'm not sure if he'd be a great 3-4 player. I didn't address WR or TE or other offensive skill positions because I think we can address that through free agency or with some UDFAs.

    1: David DeCastro OG
    2: Harrison Smith FS
    3: Josh Norman CB
    4: Mike Brewster OC
    4: Derek Wolfe DE
    5: Antonio Allen SS
    6: Nicolas Jean-Baptiste NT
    7: Chris Greenwood CB
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    Looks good, I think the problem might be Wolfe he seems to be on the rise because of his none stop motor when playing, seen him on the Patriot list, Bills, Steelers all in the third rd. My opinion is Harrison Smith is JAG it is either Barron or take Rambo in the supplemental or wait till next year. Nice work
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    Thanks. I think we need to address secondary, which is why I have half our picks going that way. We need new safeties (Sensebaugh will do for now) and CB depth. I don't think we need to spend a super high pick on D-line considering all the young talent we already have, which is why I have us getting later round value. And with regard to O-line, I have a sure thing in DeCastro going in the 1st and someone who can provide competition to our two young Cs with Brewster in the 4th. The offensive skill positions can be addressed in free agency or with UDFAs.
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    It's too late to edit so I would replace the 3rd round CB with Janoris Jenkins (if he falls) and the 7th round CB with Cliff Harris (I see a lot of people like him in the 7th).
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    Looks very plausible. I think I have Wolfe going higher but who knows. For what it's worth here's I've been running thousands of draft simulations with my draft database and here's where these guys typically end up in those sims.

    1: David DeCastro OG - Mid first round. Usually as high as Buffalo at 10 and as low Cincinnati at 21. I ran 400 simulations last night and was available 221 times at 14 and we selected him 134 times.

    2: Harrison Smith FS - Mid to late 2nd. Although I do keep hearing his name pop up as a possible late first to New England he typically ends up somewhere between Seattle at 43 and GreenBay at 59 in my simulations

    3: Josh Norman CB - Late 3rd to early 4th. Usually comes off the board as early as our 18th pick in the 3rd round and as late Washington's 14 in the 4th. His sweet spot seems to be from 3-24 at to 4-1

    4: Mike Brewster OC - Mid to late 4th with Buffalo, SanDiego, Dallas and Philly his most common destinations in the mid 4th

    4: Derek Wolfe DE - I've got him landing anywhere from 2-11 in Seattle to 3-24 in Denver with Philly at 2-14, Greenbay at 2-27, SanFrancisco at 2-29, NewEngland at 2-30,Minnesota at 3-3 Cleveland at 3-4, Tampa at 3-5 and Miami at 3-8 his most common landing spots

    5: Antonio Allen SS - Mid to late 5th anywhere from Philadelphia at 5-18 to the Giants at 5-32 with his sweet spot from 5-20 to 5-28

    6: Nicolas Jean-Baptiste NT - Usually UDFA with a couple of appearances in the late 7th

    7: Chris Greenwood CB - UDFA but I know he's had a lot of visits with teams including Dallas so I'm not so sure about my grade on him.
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    This was a good post. I agree about Wolfe. Don't know where the idea got out about him being a 4th/5th rounder--and I've seen it in a lot of projections on this board.

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