Is this the beginning of the end for Demarcus Ware?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by john van brocklin, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. john van brocklin

    john van brocklin Captain Comeback

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    Now I will preface this with I hope it's not, but are we seeing the decline of D. Ware ?

    He is on the wrong side of 30, but what concerns me is the steady stream of injuries.
    He had a significant arm injury last year and neck, back and now a quad injury this year.

    I also have to believe that playing DE has to harder on his body than playing LB, as he is engaging large
    OT linemen evey play now, instead of getting a few plays off in coverage.

    He has been a great warrior for us, and a border line hall of famer, but I am concerned.
  2. zrinkill

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    Glad that was the last sentence ....... cause I stopped reading there.
  3. Cowboys22

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    I'm more concerned with his frequent disappearing acts over the past two years, especially when lined up against backups or guys he should dominate. He seems to be having less and less of an impact as of late.
  4. danielofthesaints

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    I've never understood the "wrong side of 30" phrase. I understand what it is implying, I just feel it is used too liberally. P. Manning has been on the wrong side of 30 for awhile now, but that doesn't correlate with his play. Other than that, yes, I do believe he is seeing his prime starting to appear in the rear view mirror.
  5. cowboys1981

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    Wrong side of 30? He's 31! Lol
  6. Vintage

    Vintage The Cult of Jib

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    I wish he would have started with that sentence.
  7. big dog cowboy

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    Yes and it didn't start with this season.
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  8. Bungarian

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    Nothing to see here. Move along
  9. texbumthelife

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    If he goes through a season without all the injuries and doesn't make any plays, then I will start to worry. For now, I think the guy just needs someone relevant to spell him for stretches. He is playing too many downs.
  10. john van brocklin

    john van brocklin Captain Comeback

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    So you are telling me that if he retired tomorrow, he is a lock for the hall ?
    If so, please give me examples of others with his numbers that are in right now.

    He just passed Harvey Martin as the Cowboys all time sack leader, and Harvey can't even stiff the Hall Of Fame.
  11. john van brocklin

    john van brocklin Captain Comeback

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    Some positions put a lot of wear and tear on the body. Some players hold up better.
    D. Ware has just had a lot of nagging injuries the last 2 seasons, rather we like it or not those are the facts, folks.
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  12. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    yes,it's true..

    sad but true.

    age and injury catch up with all of us.

    kind of silly for him to go from 3-4 linebacker to 4-3 de this late in his career.

    he was one damn good player for us though.

    hall of famer for sure ...even with no ring.
  13. Zimmy Lives

    Zimmy Lives Well-Known Member

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    Good way to put it so some of us gumps can understand. :D

    What separates Ware from Manning, besides the fact that Manning is a QB, in an age comparison is that Ware is strictly a pure athletic talent. Manning has never been known for his athletic prowess.

    Yes, Ware has good work habits but that will not make up for the fact that he is past his prime. Having said that, however, I'd rather have a past-his-prime Ware than 80% of everyone else.
  14. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    i think another reason he is wearing down is because he played 110 % for all those years.

    never missed a game either.
  15. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

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    La'Roi Glover would like to talk with you in the alley...
  16. TheCoolFan

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    I think he's got 4 more years left in his career. The days of expecting 18+ sacks are over though. Similar to Strahan, once he got into his 30s the Giants drafted Osi and Justin Tuck to help him out on the edge and Strahan continued to play until 36 and was still pretty productive. The Cowboys need to do the same, this is the year to get another DE for sure.
  17. landroverking

    landroverking Well-Known Member

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    Nothing border line about D Ware.
  18. crashintonickdm

    crashintonickdm Well-Known Member

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    will we even miss demarcus ware? when he went out yesterday, the line got better.
  19. perrykemp

    perrykemp Well-Known Member

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    I used to dream that Ware would take a run at Bruce Smith's sack record.

    Not sure that is in the cards anymore, however Kevin Green 160 sacks (mainly as a LB) might still be achievable if Ware moves to the designated pass rusher role.
  20. SDCowboy85

    SDCowboy85 Well-Known Member

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    I think he's nearing the end of his career but it's not because of age, but injuries. Sometimes injuries catch up to players before age does. Also, he IS an HOF'er.

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