Is this the beginning of the end for Demarcus Ware?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by john van brocklin, Oct 14, 2013.

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    He's the #2 ranked 4-3 Defensive End according to ProFootballFocus and #5 amongst all pass rushers and still has a legitimate chance at double digit sacks even if he misses two games.
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    If this really is the beginning of the end for Ware, then he's given the Cowboys 8 outstanding seasons already, and it's just simply a shame that the Cowboys weren't able to get him any more than one playoff victory.

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    Watched a Bruce Smith interview about a week ago. One of the things he talked about on being a defensive end was that his main priority was to not let an offensive lineman get their hands locked in on him. Did anyone else catch that interview? It seems as though D. Ware often times runs right into the grasp of the opposing lineman. Hope he is not done but maybe having younger legs out there will benefit our team.

    Also it appeared that Sean Lee became more vocal when D. Ware left the game last night. I hope he continues to get on these guys.
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    Yes & hopefully we can do that for Ware. This injury is a good thing so he can heel his other injuries. I bet he comes back in beast mode & hopefully somebody steps it up in his absense.. I bet these fans giving up on Ware also complain on X-mas when you didn't get what you wanted.. Transparent Fans kick rocks!!
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    Ware has been done IMO. He puts up sacks but honestly and I know I'll get crap for saying this but he's a no show all game and happens to come up with a sack here or there when it doesn't matter. I love the guy for what he's done early on but his injuries and age have caught up to him..We really miss Spencers impact on defense right now, he didn't come up with a lot of sacks ( most overrated stat in the nfl ) but the guy was pushing the pocket, stopping the run, containing the qb and running backs. I don't know man, that guy was is on the rise hope we don't lose him but that's business.
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    Demarcus Ware will be in the Hall of Fame. He's been nothing but a beast for us all these years. I truly believe he can beast for us for another couple of years. I'd honestly be sad to see him go. As a fan I'd like to see him end his career with us, he deserves it.

    That being said. As an owner/GM I'd trade him right now if we could get good picks. I don't know how much players are worth to be completely honest, so I'm not sure what we could get for him, but if we could snag some early round picks I'd do it in a heartbeat. Do like the Patriots do, trade good players while they still have some gas in the tank, open up some salary cap space, and put the picks to good use.
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    Yep, it'd be a real injustice to see lesser talents like Abraham, Umeniyora, Freeney, etc. last longer in the league than Ware simply because Ware wore down because he had no help. If teams rotate RB's to keep them fresh, why wouldn't you do that at other physically demanding positions like DE?
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    It's not that simple and it's a legitimate question.
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    A beginning for Wilber?
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    It happens. Some guys you wouldn't expect to last 10-15 years do. Guys who seem like they should be around for 10-15 years only last 8-10. The variability in durability can be maddening variable from player to player.

    Mark Gastineau was an incredible pass rusher but his body gave out and he was out of the league after 10 years.

    Kevin Green lasted 15 years and finished in style with 12 sacks in his final season

    Hopefully Ware has another 4-5 years in him. I've love to see him break Kevin Green's sack record for (primarily) LBs.
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    He's in the HOF already; he just has to sit for his bust and deliver his speech.

    His stingers give me some concern. I keep wondering if he has a bit of cervical stenosis along with maybe some bulge. We could be seeing a less than healthy Ware off and on. You can't make those kinds of predictions based on guessing. We'll just have to wait and see. But I share the OPs concerns although I wouldn't quite present it that way.
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    Why are early 30s considered the wrong side of 30?
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    When you get to be twice his age, you won't consider 30 or 31 to be old :):):)
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    Also it would help if the refs would see how " those hands" are actually being used on him. Appears to me theres more tackling going on with our D line, including Ware than the rules allow.
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    mostly agree with this....needed to trade him this past him but he's pretty much finished. At this point, even if he came back from injuries and had a few flashes of previous brilliance in the next few years we'll just be clogging our roster and salary cap impeding progress and fresh talent.
    One of JJ's biggest problems has been hanging on too long with stars.....look how we're albatrossed right now with the bloated salaries of Miles, Ware, Spencer, and Ratliff (all of who should be gone for picks immediately if at all possible). The only position you pay for a prolonged time is QB and the only player you hang on to a little too long is QB, every other position is expendable. If you think otherwise, go check out NE, NO, and Denver right now and tell me if they are even .500 teams without their aging QBs. I'd suggest that none of them are even .500 with a lesser QB. Yet how many of those teams have overpaid, over 30 pass rushers, DTs, and WRs?
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    my guess is if he did, they would have caught that a long time ago.

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    Ware gets held a lot.
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    I think this is like the Witten talk that has went on for 3-4 years now. Entirely premature and winds up looking very foolish.
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    Thanks Sarge, I think it's good to have open debate on the real issues that face this team.
    I know it's not fun to think of one of our heros trending downward, but as you said, it's a legit question.

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