Is this the game where Romo...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gollum, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. gollum

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    comes back to Earth? I say that for several reasons:

    1) So far, he hasn't been forced into a serious, come from behiind situation where everyone knew he had to pass. The closest to this was in the Giants game during the 2nd half and we know how well he did then. I know it was his first game, but the Giants were squatting on the routes.

    2) He is getting a little "cocky" and brimming with confidence; making fun jabs at Jerry and reporters. He's been hearing the praise heaped on him by nearly every pundit, mediot, and fan. Everything has come relatively easy so far, but time for reality check is near.

    3) The Colts have the speed and quickness to not only bring pressure, but linebackers can make plays in the passing game as well.

    I'm hoping that when that time comes, we are either in a no win situation anyway, or playing a horrible team that we can overcome in spite of his coming struggles.
  2. Rampage

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    nope he will out-do peyton and lead us to a victory!.......In Romo we trust.
  3. CATCH17

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    I doubt it just because he has faced better defenses allready.

    Tampa could be the game where he has a set back but so far he has shown no signs of doing bad.

    I think we will see Tony Romo play incredible this week. Especially with most of the football world watching this game.
  4. Tuna Helper

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    I actually like the fact that Romo is brimming with confidence. Would we rather that he go into a shell?

    I think he will rise to this occassion on center stage, with one of the league's best passers on the other sideline.
  5. alancdc

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    If we can block Freeney then there is no doubt in my mind we can get deep on them. I think this is the type game Bill will pull out all the stops, and earn his money with a great gameplan!
  6. Dallyjake

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    Your post makes no sense under topic #1. Romo had to lead the team to a win at Carolina down by 14. He also had to throw us down the field trailing by one to Wash. The man had the team in position to win the game with a simple:bang2: 35 yard chip shot.

    I expect bigger and better things from this team with #9 under center. Relax and enjoy the ride. It may get a little bumpy but the Cowboys will be OK.
  7. Doomsday101

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    I want to see Dallas take some shots down field but I don't want to see Dallas getting into a passing war with the Colts like the Pats did. If Dallas can run the ball and keep the colts offense standing on the sideline that will help keep the scoring down somewhat. I'm not saying we should not take our shots but I don't see us winning a passing war with the colts.
  8. Chocolate Lab

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    That sig pic is just wrong. I know it's Theismann and all, but still...
  9. Cowboy4ever

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    The colts are not an Elite TEAM! They are an ELITE offense.. but Average Defense. We have already played 3 D's that are better than the Colts.. Philly, Giants, and Carolina.. The only 1 that Romo Started, he beat.. coming back from 14.. I don't see any reason to be scared of the D on the Colts.. I know we will put up some points.. stopping them will be the question, but I like our chances there too.. Dallas will win this game.
  10. Zman5

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    Actually we were tied with Washington but I agree mostly with what you are saying.
  11. ravidubey

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    Parcells needs to reign him in a bit vs. Indy. We need offensive balance and well designed passing plays.

    If we can win time of possession we'll keep Manning off the field and conserve our defense, saving some of their strength for Tampa Bay four days later.

    Keys on defense are for the safeties to never bite on play-action and let the front seven stop the run. If we do that we can stay in our two-deep zone (Lord knows we've gotten enough practice at it) and contain this team.
  12. BAZ

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    I expect the D to look like one of the worst units in the league if anything. If the Cowboys go down early by 17 points then expect a good few mistakes by Romo, it will be like the Giants game where the run is abandoned.

    While it wouldn't surprise me if Freeny decided to start his season against the Cowboys, I get the feeling the game will be close for the most part.
  13. CrazyCowboy

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    No....ROMO is the real deal....if we rally around him....we are going places!
  14. alancdc

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    I agree with you 100%, and I was just talking about the passing game because of the topic being Romo. I love JJ nad MB III being able to run. Is Bob Sanders out for them? I know we better have a backer have his "A" game on to cover Dallas Clarke.
  15. 2much2soon

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    I think Romo is "wired" perfectly to be an NFL QB.
    Because he is an excellent golfer, nearly U.S. Open worthy, and that requires mental toughness like nothing else.
    I don't think he ever really comes "back down to Earth". What we have seen from him is what we will probably continue to get. And I'll take that anyday.
  16. Doomsday101

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    Colts have 15 players listed on their injury list right now but of course many of those so called injured players are playing right now. As for Sanders not sure if he is out or not but is listed as injured
  17. alancdc

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    Thanks. I thought I heard he was out this week, but could be wrong.
  18. Nightstalker

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    I have faith in Romo. I love my team but I am really worried that the Defense might blow some big plays again. More worried on D than in Romo.:rolleyes:
  19. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

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    He was out last weeks game vs the Bills so you could be right
  20. joseephuss

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    The Giants were not squatting on routes in the MNF game. Romo just made two very bad decisions and then one bad throw that resulted in 3 INTs. He moved the ball well against them other than those plays and the one drop by an open T.O.

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