Is this the Worst Defense in Cowboys History?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Blue Eyed Devil, Nov 11, 2013.

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    I don't mean this to be a hyperbolic "let's all get angry on Monday" post, I mean this to be completely cold and honest. Is this legitimately the worst defense the Dallas Cowboys have ever fielded in their history? Certainly it has a lot of competition. The 2010 Dallas Cowboys defense is probobly the gold standard of bad defense. Last year's 2012 MASH unit defense also makes a strong argument. So how could this defense really be worse?

    The 2013 Dallas Cowboys are the only defense in the history of the NFL to surrender four 400-yard passing performances in a season, and the season isn't even over! Two weeks ago they set the record for most yards given up by a defense at 623 against the Lions only to break their own record by allowing 625 to the Saints. They are the first defense in the NFL to give up 40 first-downs in a game.

    Some might argue that those stats are just numbers and that the team isn't quitting like Mike Jenkins famously did against Green Bay in 2010. Well I'd like to bring in Exhibit A - Bruce Carter. Bruce Carter gave up last night every bit as much as Jenkins did. If you watch that 4th quarter Carter was jogging around trying to find every reason not to be involved in a tackle. When an offensive lineman got anywhere between him and a ball-carrier he just extended his arms and walked into him "well, guess you blocked me! oops! my bad!" It looked like a walk-through where the 2nd team defense lets the offensive linemen practice going where they are supposed to. It's bad enough when a cornerback doesn't want to tackle, but when your guy playing middle linebacker is thinking about how he doesn't want to be sore so he can enjoy the bye week instead of tackling, that is showing a lot of give-up from the team. Also, Jason Hatcher's statement yesterday that the reason he doesn't want to play is because he's about to be a free agent and doesn't want to put bad film out there says a lot about how these players have given up on this team.

    So is this the worst defense in Cowboys history?
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  2. perrykemp

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    This one takes the cake.
  3. JoeyBoy718

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    The question should be is this the worst defense in NFL history
  4. DFWJC

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    If they were healthy? No.
    As they are as of today? They have to be in consideration
  5. Cowboyz88

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    Why stop at the franchise's worst? They're looking at the NFL's worst.
  6. BrAinPaiNt

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    You add this one and last years together and you get a special bonus prize of a ulcer and pack of hemorrhoids for all cowboys fans.
  7. 17yearsandcounting

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    It is the worst in the history of the league. We makin history boys.
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    Never saw that prize in my box of crackjacks.
  9. Sarge

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    :eek::eek:o_Oo_O :confused:
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  10. Matts4313

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    We are like ~20th in points given up. Were not even the worst Cowboys defense of the last 12 months.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    Like I said it depends on what statistic you decide to use.

    We were worse in some last year, worse in others this year.

    Both years I think we reach record levels in a bad statistic or two just different ones. give up an NFL RECORD of first downs...that's a pretty good indicator of being bad.
  12. Matts4313

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    Ohh were bad, Im not arguing that.

    I will never get the yardage thing though is the comparison of defenses. Points is really what matters. If I had to rank the key statistics of how you judge a defense:



    Splash plays (Sacks/INTS/forced fumbles)

    (Big Gap)

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  13. wileedog

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    While I think you could make a legitimate argument about Points, I would rank Yards before Splash plays. Not all fumbles are forced. Not all INTs are great plays by the defense. Turnovers have an element of luck to them that can't really be compared from team to team.

    Yards are a constant. Generally good defenses don't give up many of them. Bad defenses typically give up lots of them. That is pretty consistent throughout the games history.
  14. hornitosmonster

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    I think so. And when they don't create turnovers the end result is what we saw last night. It will get worse with Lee out
  15. Asklesko

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    from doomsday to day after....
  16. Zman5

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    JG is working hard to get the Cowboys in the record books.
  17. JPM

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    A mixed bag of dog poo.
  18. Seven

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    Stats can't even begin to describe the dis-functionality of this group. But, I guess they gotta place 'suckage' in one category or the other.

    Worse defense in my 37 years of watching the Cowboys. Hands. Down.
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  19. Risen Star

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    At least this is a simpler defense that allows guys to come in off the street and play in.
  20. unionjack8

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    to answer your question, yes it is

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