News: Is Tony Romo worth two first round selections?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CCBoy, Dec 24, 2016.

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    Is Tony Romo worth two first round selections?

    With expectation that veteran Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will be traded this offseason, exactly how much could he possibly be worth?

    It something that quarterback Tony Romo gave the Dallas Cowboys under center as a coveted franchise quarterback for over a decade.

    Now, as it appears Romo is in his final season in Dallas, his value has a drastically different meaning for this Cowboys organization. In this case, his potential trade value this offseason. Exactly much is Romo worth?

    Well, the cliché answer is Romo is worth exactly what a general manager of another NFL franchise is willing to offer up for him. And considering that he’s 36-years old, has massive contract and his injury history; that value seems to be a very debatable and subjective thing.

    But during a recent rant by TV and radio personality Colin Cowherd, he mentioned a fairly high price tag for the former franchise quarterback of America’s Team.

    “…Jerry [Jones] knows he hit oil. It’s a ten-year surplus of it. And now he’s pumping up Romo: ‘He’s ready. Looks great. Two quarterbacks. Depth. We can win games’, Cowherd proclaimed on his nationally syndicated show The Herd earlier this week. “[Jones] is out there promoting his healthy, older back-up and hoping Jacksonville or Arizona gives him two first round picks.”

    Romo is certainly a valuable commodity. Quality franchise quarterbacks are so rare, there are several NFL teams currently in need of one. That bodes well for Romo potential value, despite his age and injury history.

    There is history of NFL teams trading nearly that much for a veteran starting quarterback. In 2011, the Cincinnati Bengals traded then 31-year old Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders for a first and second round draft selection.

    Palmer was much younger than Romo and didn’t quite have his injury history. But the former number one overall pick in the 2003 NFL Draft, the same draft that Romo was eligible for coincidentally, was a disgruntled player that forced his way out of Cincinnati by threatening to retire.

    Earlier this season, the Minnesota Vikings gave up a first-round pick as well as a conditional fourth rounder that could become high as a second round selection for a now 29-year veteran quarterback in Sam Bradford, who has his own extensive injury history.

    But on the other end of the spectrum, maybe a closer estimation of Romo’s worth was demonstrated in the trade of Green Bay Packers legendary quarterback Brett Favre. The Packers sent the future Hall of Famer to the New York Jets for a conditional fourth-round selection back in 2008. But Favre was nearly 39-years old at the time and had been infamously contemplating retirement for several seasons beforehand.

    So what is Tony Romo actually worth? According to recent history, somewhere between two first round picks and a conditional fourth rounder. It all likely depends on just how desperate a team is this offseason and how many interested parties there are. Until then, expect Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to continue inflating Romo’s value in the press like the world’s greatest used car salesman.
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    Where Will Tony Romo Play in 2017?

    With the Cowboys riding high at 12-2, we should be enjoying each game and stop to smell the roses. But after stopping and smelling for awhile, some of us can’t help but think of the future beyond the 2016-17 season. One of those thoughts is wondering where will Tony Romo play in 2017, and what could Dallas get in return?

    The path for Romo could be as simple as a release from the Cowboys or staying with the Cowboys, but here we can explore some of the more bold possibilities as unlikely as they may be.

    Commentators have suggested that a second round pick, possibly a third, would be reasonable compensation for Romo, which matches what I estimated could be obtained. A draft pick is the most likely form compensation to be obtained, but below are some interesting player for player trade scenarios however unlikely they may be.

    The most likely place for Romo to play next season in Denver. An argument could certainly be made that Denver has the best team in the league if you don’t consider quarterbacks. Adding Romo to the roster could turn them into a strong Super Bowl contender, and members of the Broncos have some ties to Romo. Wade Phillips coached Romo for several years and is now Denver’s defensive coordinator. Demarcus Ware was Romo’s teammate for many years. A trade to Denver would keep Romo out of the conference and treat Romo well by trading him to a contender. It has been reported that Romo was already eyeing a move to Denver after Prescott was names the starter.
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    from people I trust...I have heard its likely a conditional 4th round pick (if he plays certain amount of games next year) that could turn into 6th rounder if he gets injured. That why its in team interest and Romo interest to release him and spread cap hit over 2 years and allow Tony to pick his team as FA.
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    Makes me think Romo plays second half of game.
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    Thats the price if buyers are not motivated. A motivated buyer would potentially pay MUCH more. I think its in Dallas' best interest to be very patient and see if there becomes a motivated buyer.

    Motivated buyers make really bad deals all the time - see Minnesota and Bradford.

    If no motivated buyer becomes available, you build through the draft and keep Romo as insurance.
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    Still don't know why Dallas doesn't offer Washington all its picks next year for all of Washingtons picks and just see who finishes where in the draft
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    Thats why Jerry is X factor here and could demand Romo be showcased in these last 2 games (maybe in 2nd half). If Tony came in took a shot or two and didn't get injured I absolutely feel his price would go up. Then as you said a buyer could be motivated but as it stands right now there just isn't enough current data for teams to part with high draft pick.
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    Geez, speculation overload
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    Don't we save a bunch more cap space by cutting him? Is a 4th rounder really worth an extra few millions dollars on the cap?
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    Well, as we now know, 4th rounders are something special.:D:p:cool:
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    Trade him for a 2nd round pick or better, otherwise keep him on the team.
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    Wow I love the Romo for Lynch for both teams.
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    I have no interest in trading Romo. He needs to compete for the starting QB spot next year.
    The only way I even consider trading him is if a team tv knocks my socks off and I have the trade offer repeted because I couldn't believe what I just heard.
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    Yeah the list also includes Matt Johnson.

    Noone wants to hear it, but Jerry is playing it right here. Get Romo on the field, and he doesn't get hurt, the oil rig just blew. We just need enough to make us actually not make him sit on the bench for like ever. Trade him for the wrong deal......hey Romo is gone, wait he won the Super Bowl.....we didn't.
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    Such rampant speculation and many not really using their noodles here. As many continue to pontificate, this ain't Madden. Jerry is not going to do
    Romo wrong and Romo holds some cards here that he can play. He will certainly not want to return to carry a clipboard next year at 37 years of age.
    If Jerry was to open up a true competition at QB, Tony might indeed stay but, that is a question only the FO can answer. Otherwise, Tony will want to
    move on and will certainly wish to pick his new team like Manning did. If Jerry did try to trade Tony to a bottom-rung team for a higher pick, Tony would
    most likely just retire and all his remaining cap hit would immediately hit next year. What makes most sense is that they release Tony and spread the
    cap hit over two years. Tony most likely gets to pick his new team because Jerry loves Tony and, wants a relationship with him after his playing days.
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  16. haleyrules

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    Tony gets released June 1st. and retires.
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    Nobody will give us a second, and you can't have a $20 million backup. Also, it's time to give the team to Dak, he can't have all the speculation everytime he throws an INT.
  18. noshame

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    It's not black and white Jerry and Tony can work together on a trade and get Tony where he wants to be.
    No need to play him or release him, I think the unknown of Tony is worth more then the likely result of his play
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    I'm afraid that ship has sailed, my friend.
  20. Sarge

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    Not happening
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