Is Tony Romo's new deal Jerry's worst move?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Floaty, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. gimmesix

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    We go 8-8 again and we'll have a new coach, who will be happier than some people here to have Romo as his quarterback.
  2. Bowdown27

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    Jimmy Johnson is a big romo supporter so to say that doesn't make sense.
  3. Beast_from_East

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    I am sure any head coach candidate will be asked in the interview process if he is cool with Romo. If the answer is no, the interview is over.
  4. RastaRocket

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    Lol that was easy. :laugh2:
  5. dexternjack

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    I hope your right. There are always ways to juggle cap room, I just don't want it to catch up and effect Dez or Lee.

    Again, I am glad Romo extended, there is no one better out there to replace him. Not this year or next. Romo is plenty good enough to get to the SB, but he can't do it alone.
  6. Beast_from_East

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    Is that why Steven Jones said to USA Today that "the team has to play better" and that "we have to coach better"?

    Maybe our oline does suck, maybe our WRs are running the wrong routes, maybe what you say are excuses are actually what the problem is.

    Maybe Steven is right, maybe its not Romo's fault we go .500 every year.
  7. Ratmatt

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    Your right!There will be no Super Bowl championship with Tony Romo,but it won't have anything to do with Romo.It will be because they will never put a good enough team around him to win one.
  8. Fla Cowpoke

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    Who said anything about being competitive?

    You are guys saying we need a 3 win season to turn things around. One of those is probably coming in the near future.

    Say things go bad this year. 3-13. Everyone fired. New staff brought in. Here are the guys that can go for big cap savings:

    -Demarcus Ware - Say it couldn't happen? If he has another injury prone year, we could easily dump him....if a new Coaching staff comes it, isn't Demarcus that will be leading his Super Bowl defense. It will be Bruce Carter by then or someone not on the roster now. Cutting Ware after this season saves about 7.3m. If he is a June 1st cut, it's about 9.5m.

    -Miles Austin - Miles is on the books for 8.3m next year. If he doesn't play to that level this year, and I doubt he will, he is a likely June 1st cut. Straight cut is almost a wash, but June cut saves us about 2.6m give or take.

    -Jason Witten - Doesn't really show signs of slowing, but he could be a June 1st cut and save us 2.6m. Might already have his replacement in Hanna.

    -Brandon Carr - He likely is here for sure one more year, but even if cut next year as a June 1st deal he saves 1.5m

    -Jay Ratliff - Cut next year saves 1.4m against the cap. June 1st it would be 3.4m

    -Doug Free -Say he survives being purged this year, he could be cut next year for about a 4m savings. If a June 1st cut, it's about 6m. His replacement might already be on the roster in Parnell.

    -Orlando Scandrick, almost a wash if we cut him straight out, would save about 1.7m as a June 1st cut

    -Nate Livings - if he did restructure, would be about a 1.7m savings against the cap. If he didn't, it would be about 2m.

    -Mack Bernadeau - Saves about $900k as a straight cut, about 1.5m as a June 1st cut

    -Kyle Orton - Saves 1.25 million as a straight cut, 2.25m as a Jne 1st cut.

    Of those, only the first four would be guys that likely would affect the overall team performance. But if you have make the cuts, you make them.

    You guys that complain can't have it both ways. If we cut these guys, it's because they sucked and it frees up a lot of money.

    All told, if they were straight cuts it's about 18m saved, if we use the max by doing June 1st cuts, it's around 33m. We can restructure Romo next year, and save another 9.5m.

    That isn't to mention the money that most of these guys are making in 2015 and beyond, it saves money every year for cap going forward against cap that is already being counted.

    Dallas can pick their poison as to when they want to tank it and go ohfer if they want to start all over.
  9. DallasDomination

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    I would of rather gone a different direction myself but Jerry runs his team how he wants, I just watch the games. I'm pretty confident this will settle all debates about Romo. He either does it or doesn't, all that in the middle fluff doesn't matter anymore.
  10. gimmesix

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    I will say with 100 percent certainty that it will not affect Dez or Lee, or anyone else Dallas decides to extend.

    What will affect them is their value compared to what Dallas believes their value to be — much like Spencer wanting more than Dallas believes he's worth. If that's the case, the Cowboys will probably end up franchising them, too.

    Contrary to popular opinion, Dallas doesn't just give its players more than anyone else would. It pays market value while setting up the contracts to meet its needs over the next few years. (Spencer apparently wants more than market value.)
  11. Floaty

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    Thanks for proving my will take cutting half of our starters to ever get out of this hole Jerry created today. I feel so much better knowing the Cowboys are gonna be dogschlitz in 2015-2020
  12. Eddie

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    If Russell Wilson was so highly coveted, why was he taken in the 3rd round?

    I keep hearing that there are no QB's in this draft. I guess they said the same bout Wilson last year. Suddenly, there are no QB's as good as this 3rd rounder.

    You guys slay me.
  13. BoysfaninVegas

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    Ok. See you then. Bye.
  14. MonsterD

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    He is 5' 10" teams were scared of that, he was a top QB in college everyone knew how good he was.
  15. BoysfaninVegas

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    Thanks. I will enjoy. Good luck to you and the different team you apparently are going to be rooting for. Bye.
  16. dragon_mikal

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    Jimmy Johnson debacle...

    Barry Switzer circus...

    Firing Chan Gailey after one season yet sticking with Dave Campo for three...

    Failure to plan for football after Troy...

    Reaching for Quincy Carter...

    The Chad Hutchinson experiment...

    The Drew Henson experiment...

    Multiple draft day failures that have hampered this team's ability to get to the next level...

    Extending a franchise quarterback is far from the worst thing Jerry has ever done. This thread is just a troll's "look at me" attempt and I'm surprised the mods have allowed it to fester as long as it has. We get it guys...your feelings are really hurt because Romo is cemented as the starter of this team. Stop lamenting and get your heads up because this guy is plenty good enough to get us a Super Bowl.
  17. Smith22

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    IF Jerry addresses our offensive line needs, this team can easily compete for a championship. the defense was decimated by injuries last year. fix that Ol via the draft and a free agent or 2. with a healthy ware, spencer, carter, lee, ratliff, carr and Claiborne the defense will get the job done.

  18. dstew60105

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    Actually Chan lasted two years.
  19. BoysfaninVegas

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    I agree with everything you just said. It's a minor miracle that the team was even able to go 8-8 when you take into account all the injuries that the defense suffered and having one of the worst o-lines in football. Romo was a big reason we even made it to 8-8. And don't forget that Murray was out 6 games last year too.

    Fix the O-line and add a few quality players via FA and the draft, keep most of your players healthy and this is easily an 11-5 team every year that can compete for a championship.
  20. Double Trouble

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    They're not just in this thread. They've been waiting in line for Cowboys games for the last 15-20 years.

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