It just Feels different this season

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by EMMITTnROY, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Boyzmamacita

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    It does feel different, but the loss in KC made me feel déjà vu all over again. The Chiefs might be better than we thought, though. I'll be impressed with a win at SD. One game at a time.
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  2. erod

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    For the record, Romo is 2-0 against Peyton.
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  3. jday

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    The big difference is the Cowboys did what you are supposed to do against a bad team. In years past, the Cowboys would play to the talent level of the opposing team and let the game stay close to the end. This year is different. Having said that, let's not get too excited...after all it was the Rams.
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  4. boysfanindc

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    Yes, but if the Rams beat the 49ers on Thursday will it validate our win this weekend against the Rams? Sorry just kidding.
  5. kevm3

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    For the first time in a long time, this actually feels like a professionally managed team instead of a circus where you're constantly scratching your head wondering what is going on. Kiffen and Marinelli really straightened out this defense and elevated what Rob Ryan started last year. We just need our offense to be as incredibly managed, and I do believe we have the talent to be a top tier team.
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  6. Doomsday101

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    SF failed to beat the rams in their 2 meetings last season. Tieing the 1st meeting and losing to the Rams in the second meeting in Dec. It is the NFL lol
  7. Bungarian

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    Not many were thinking this last week.
  8. Crown Royal

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    We have improved on things in three straight games withough, thus far, taking steps back in any of them, except for two turnovers in KC. Each game we are looking crisper, less out of sync and within the system. Even the KC game, that had a couple of bad plays, was less sloppy than most of our games last year.
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  9. Doomsday101

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    Even penalties are down. 1st 3 games Dallas has avg 5.1 penalties a game.
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  10. Verdict

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    Here are a few thoughts on the above:

    1. Drafting Frederick coupled with the signing of Waters makes this line more than serviceable. It makes it above average with the potential to be elite. That is cause for celebration for sure, any way you want to slice it.

    2. The running game rising from the ashes is probably due in large part to item number one above. I am a huge Murray fan, and have been since he was drafted, but quite honestly, I think he actually left quite a few yards on the field yesterday. He had great success, but if he ran like he did as a rookie, he would have easily surpassed 200 yards yesterday. He needs to get his head up. That worries me about him a little bit. Something wasn't quite right with him yesterday, which sounds strange since it was one of the best single game rushing performances in Cowboys history.

    3. Austin has been an afterthought, which isn't a good thing for the team.

    4. I'm not sold on Callahan as a play caller, but I did like the fact that we didn't get cute. We ran the ball a lot, which is good because it was working. That is what good teams do. They keep doing what is working until you prove you can stop it.

    5. The fact that this defense is doing more with less is pretty convincing evidence that scheme does matter. One of the hallmarks of this defense is that usually there are multiple players around the ball on just about every play.

    6. For all of the lip service given to the two tight end offense this year, it doesn't seem like the tight ends are doing that much damage in the passing game so far this year.

    7. Eli Manning is dealing with the same things Tony Romo has had to endure over the past few years and he is not receiving a tenth of the amount of excrement that Romo would have had to face under the same circumstances.

    8. The pro scouting department deserves a pay raise for the guys that they have pulled off of the scrap heap and turned into SUCCESSFUL every down players.

    9.The Cowboys' organization deserves props for having the intestinal fortitude to get Wilcox on the field and play him, which is the right move. In years past we would have stuck with the geriatric incumbent saying we don't yet "trust" our rookie to start. If you can't "trust" someone to be a player .... then don't draft them in the first place.
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  11. jnday

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    Exactly. After this next game, opinions will change again if the Cowboys play a less than perfect game. The Rams clearly was not ready to play. Playing a team that is that flat doesn't happen every week.
  12. ejthedj

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    Horrible? We won one game in which we led the whole way, mostly by two scores. We lost the other to an undefeated team on the road by 1 point, with a coach who knows us very well.

    Tough crowd. Sometimes I think the 90s have warped Cowboys fans sense of what a good team is. No one dominates in today's NFL, every game.
  13. Eddie

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    I don't get too excited anymore. Just when I think we're about to overcome the hump, we fall right back down to earth. With games against the Chargers and Broncos coming up ... we can easily be staring at 2-3.
  14. ejthedj

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    Well, I was -- because I used my eyes. See my post Myth: The Same Old Cowboys
  15. KJJ

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    If the Cowboys win their next 2 games it will feel different. So far they're off to the same 2-1 start as last year.
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  16. Mr Cowboy

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    This next game will tell us a lot. If the cowboys are aggressive from the opening kick like they were against the Rams, then I expect good things the rest of the season. But i really expect Garrett to go conservative on the road like he always does, and that is playing scared, playing not to lose instead of playing to win.
  17. jaybird

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    Yes, AKA Jaybird
  18. Staubacher

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    Many good points, agree on most. RE: Austin though, he had 10 catches in Game 1 and made a couple key third down catches since then also. I just think in this offense and a lot of weapons to spread around, guys not named Dez or Witten will disappear sometimes. we have dudes like Harris, Williams and Escobar to pick up some of Austin's work. One more thing I rewatched the game and Murray actually looked BETTER than I thought. He did go down quick on a couple runs in the second half but it looked to me like ball and injury protection with a big lead. BUt overall he hit the holes hard and make some sweet cuts.
  19. rags747

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    Definitely seeing much less of the pre snap penalties that we have all had to endure over the years. Our defense has a couple of no names and yet they are playing the best defense I have seen from this team in quite some time. OL seems to be much improved as well. Is it possible that after all these years of Tony starting that we finally have some blue collar lunch pail type guys and we could make a run at this thing? Next 2 weeks will tell us much about this team.
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  20. shank

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    I am seeing the same thing. I think big part of that is role players stepping up and team is feeding off of that. They actually look like a team who likes playing together. I can't remember last time I saw that.
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