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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by tommydo08, Dec 29, 2012.

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    I know many of us had written off the Cowboys earlier in the season, and I admit it - I did not see us having a shot at the playoffs at one point during the season. All the scenarios have now played out to give us a chance to win and get in. Of course it seems every year has been a win-and-get-in situation lately and we all know how horribly the Cowboys have flopped. I'm just excited for this game to get started and I'm excited we have been able to put ourselves in this situation despite being 3-5 at one point.

    Romo has been healthy the whole year, unlike previous years where he's been beat up. The Cowboys as a team have fought back in the 4th quarter instead of last year where we lost so many games from comebacks by the opposing team. We have Murray in the mix now, as well as Dez breaking out in a huge way. Our defense has been tattered but they play with heart and give us a chance to stay in games. We are also getting some defensive players back.

    I got tired of the rollercoaster ride that was the Dallas Cowboys early in the season, but lately I feel more of us can feel a lot more confident in what we are able to achieve no matter how far down we are. I'm hoping we come into their house and stomp them and show the media and everyone else these Cowboys aren't the same Cowboys we've seen flop on the big stage! Anything can happen in the playoffs and it starts with getting there first. I'm ready to get this game started already! :starspin
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    Oh and it looks like there will be strong winds from the NW and the stadium goes from the Northwest to Southeast so field goals and kickoffs will probably be affected a lot.
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    don't fret if we come out of the blocks slow. keep the faith and hold your water...
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    The winds are going to be about 10 you think that will be enough to make a difference on long field goals and passes?
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    I actually think the worse the conditions are, the better our chances. They have the deep ball but we're not getting fooled by that again I hope. It gives a more veteran QB like Romo an advantage over the rookie I hope. And Dez has grown leaps and bounds this season - he'll have an edge because they'll be expecting the old Dez. He's #88 after all, right?

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