It's cliche to say QBs prospects in the draft are subpar; consider these

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Jan 18, 2013.

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    With the cowChip Kelly hiring in Philthy, wonder if Foles could become available?
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    Big friggin deal, Tony throws an int against the Redskins. We win that game we would have had our ***** handed to us the following week vs the Seahawks and once again Romo cant win a playoff game. The friggin guy cant win.

    The OL SUCKS, no RUNNING game, the Defense was devastated by injury, where the hell was this team going against the Seahawks, NOWHERE. Build the team to give Romo a running game and some time to throw and he will not be the one that always has to make a play for us to be in the game. He had a crap doubt about it but please give the guy some help. Why cant people see this? Aikman had Emmitt and a rock solid OL and a rock solid defense...Aikman did not have to be the guy every friggin Sunday. Romo has to be the guy every friggin Sunday or we have no chance in hell of winning...Dont u think that gets kind of old.

    We have no need for a qb in this draft unless its a 5th or 6th rounder. Romo will reup for 5 years, a rookie contract will expire before Romo has even finished his contract so wha tgood will that do us. Draft a qb in the 2014 or 2015 drafts and then u have someone that can hopefully step in when Romo is done. Come on down Johnny Football...
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    Barkley is bad. These USC QBs benefit from the style of def the pac 12 plays and the talent that USC always has. Id take Dysert over barkley and Nassib in a heartbeat. Dysert reminds me a Roethlesberger without the raper status
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    Just curious, how many of you really ever heard of Tony Romo before we signed him?

    The point? You actually have to acquire (draft, trade, UDFA) QBs to hit on one, and who knows if the next, unknown/lesser prospect, stud QB isn't actually in this rookie class?

    They don't all need to be first rounders, but come on, if every team used the "how many QBs flame out" theory (fear) to get out of acquiring one, there'd never be a QB selected and they'd all let their QBs play until they qualified for AARP.

    IMO, QB must be seriously addressed within the next three years or we're looking at another post-Aikman, dearth of QBs.

    I have no hate for Romo, but honestly, I don't care if his feelings get bruised while the Boys try to find another one. It's imperative that they do, and the competition might actually do him some good seeing as though he hasn't had any since he became the starter.
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    How do you KNOW all this?

    The one time in the years that he has been our starter that we actually had a real team all around was in 2007. And by the end of the year a lot of our key people were injured. TO, Glenn, etc. So we had to rely on Crayton and Fasano to make plays and they couldn't.
    Romo put the ball INTO THEIR HANDS WHEN IT MATTERED and they failed.

    So the ONLY time Tony Romo had a complete team around him he came within a couple of dropped passes to getting to the NFC championship game.

    Since then there has NOT been a complete team around him.

    2009 was closest but our O line caved in against the Vikings once Flozell went down and Colombo was a complete turnstyle. And then of course that day the Defense completely fell apart.

    So once again how do you KNOW that given a complete team around him Tony cannot get it done?
  6. Beast_from_East

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    While I agree that at some point we do need to start developing a QB for the future, this is not the year. We dont have the picks to be drafting players to ride the pine, not since we decided to blow the defense up and install a brand new scheme.

    We need every pick we got to bring in some defensive players to fit the new scheme and still upgrade the o-line and possibly draft another RB since Felix is probably gone.

    We dont have picks to spare this year, maybe next year we can look at getting a future QB.
  7. burmafrd

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    and this year frankly the crop of QBs really stink
  8. Ender

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    It's so silly to think this team will not succeed without Romo, I'm not buying it. You don't rebuild a team by staying barley average at QB then paying that barely average QB tons of money.

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