its not even November yet !!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by poke, Oct 26, 2005.

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    woe is me....toil and thats not it.
    it was a dark and stormy actually its been very nice here
    in the metroplex.
    these are the times that try mens souls......wait thats been done already.

    i am searching for just the right words to convey the general sense of dread
    i feel coming from the "fans" of the Cowboys. hey i hated watching them lose to
    Seattle. i knew 10 points wasnt going to be enough to win, just like i knew 13
    points wasnt going to cut it against Washington.


    We are 7 games into a 16 (sixteen ) game season. the record is 4-3 not 0-7.
    we could even say that we are only 3 plays from being 7-0, or 1-6 to be totally
    honest with you, cuz they did kick some serious eagle butt !!! but all the other
    games could have gone either way.

    so, remember in my first post or so i said save the Prozac for later ??
    it might be a good time for some of the hand-wringing, hair-pulling,
    crying in their beer types to pop a few before they lose it completely.

    a good win this week against Arizona and this team is 5-3 at the halfway mark
    with their bye week coming up. the 3 new starters on offense from last week
    did okay, more playing time should only help them. Julius Jones should be back
    after that. We have a new kicker, and while i dont know if he is any better
    than Lose Cortez...oops i mean Jose at least maybe he wont point at somebody
    else if and when he does miss a chip shot 29 yard field goal attempt.

    I think we are still going to have a great season. My hopes are still high.
    My expectations havent dimmed even a little bit. I have learned to have great
    patience and enduring optimism. Even crushing losses will not burn out the light
    of hope i have.

    I have learned a lot watching the Houston Astros. later Poke

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