Iupati, Bryant, Odrick, Wilson on clock for cowboys: Who Do You Select?

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    Iupati, Bryant, Odrick, Wilson: Who Do You Select?
    It is Thursday night, April 22nd, and the Dallas Cowboys are on the clock in the 2010 NFL Draft. By some stroke of divine luck, there are four stellar players left on the board: Idaho guard Mike Iupati, Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant, Penn State DT/DE Jared Odrick, and Boise State CB Kyle Wilson.

    The Cowboys have needs at all four positions, although some more than others. So, who do they select? The pros and cons of each player are listed below.

    Mike Iupati


    Iupati is the consensus #1 guard in this year’s draft, and the Cowboys brass are reportedly quite interested in him. Current starting LG Kyle Kosier’s contract runs out at the end of this season, so Dallas will have to make the guard position a priority in the near future.


    Because of the stellar play of the guards in 2009, Iupati would be unlikely to crack the starting lineup this season without an injury ahead of him. Jerry Jones might want to secure a first round player with the ability to have an immediate impact in 2010.

    There is also concern about Iupati’s inclination to hold defenders, a situation all too familiar to Cowboys fans.

    Dez Bryant


    Bryant is a physical freak and, in terms of pure talent, perhaps a top five player. Although we do not see wide receiver as an immediate position of need, Bryant would probably be an upgrade over Roy Williams. Combining him with Miles Austin would scare a lot of defensive coordinators.


    There are a wealth of concerns over his attitude and work ethic, though, and a lot of scouts say he could drop out of the entire first round. Bryant reportedly showed up late to practice and even games.

    Further, rookie receivers rarely have an enormous impact on a team, so like Iupati, Bryant’s 2010 upside could be limited compared to other players.

    Jared Odrick



    Odrick is a personal favorite of ours. He was a three-technique player at Penn State that would transition to the five-technique (defensive end) for Dallas. Marcus Spears, Stephen Bowen, and Jason Hatcher are all restricted free agents, so Odrick could start as early as 2011.

    He also has the versatility to be the backup for Jay Ratliff at nose tackle.


    Odrick got arrested last March, so there are a few character questions. He also may not get much playing time in 2010 barring an injury, and could take time to transition to a new position.

    Kyle Wilson


    Wilson is an incredible athlete, listed as the #1 cornerback and #8 overall player on our Big Board. Wilson would come in and immediately compete with Orlando Scandrick for the nickel cornerback position. Scandrick struggled some last season, and we gave him a ‘C’ in our cornerback grades.

    Wilson’s true impact, though, would come on special teams. He would be an upgrade at both the punt and kick returner spots. We listed a dominant return man as the Cowboys’ top draft need.


    Scandrick is not a poor player and we expect him to improve in 2010. Remember, he played so well his rookie season that he earned the right to alternate starts in the beginning of the season with current starter Mike Jenkins. Bringing in Wilson could set back Scandrick’s progress, although you can never have too many cornerbacks.

    Wilson may also have the toughest time of all these players eventually cracking the starting lineup. Iupati, Bryant, and Odrick could all be starters by 2011 at the latest, while Wilson might have to wait a little longer.

    Who is the pick?

    With the 27th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select. . . . . . . . . Kyle Wilson!

    If these four players are somehow still on the board at 27, it will surely be hard for Jerry Jones to pass on Dez Bryant. Still, we see Wilson as a unique talent without the character concerns.

    Dallas could also pencil Wilson in to have an immediate impact (as a returner), something they probably could not do with the other three options.
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    Now this is what I would do

    Say Jets, or Minny or Colts call and they want to trade up and swap number one picks with you. The player they want isnt on this list, but another player they want. They are willing to aloong with swapping number one picks, give you their 5th and 7th picks. If its a team like the colts more then 2 spots back, they are willing to sweeten the deal with their first, 4th, and 7th.

    I would then possibly take that deal, getting some extra picks in the draft, while knowing that you would after 2 to 3 picks still have 3 of the players on your number one list still available, since the team in the trade made a deal they werent going to pick one of the playerse your interested in. Example, if you remember we made a trade with the seahawks a few years back, we gave up our 5th and 7th rounder for moving 2 spots up along with swapping first rounders.

    For example, vikings might want to jump in front of jets to take Cody, or Colts might want another pass rusher like Sean Weatherspoon, afraid that the vikings or jets might take him.

    Reports are that the chargers are going to either take a rb since losing LT or a cornerback since losing Cromatie.

    Thats what i would do; Then, i would take the best player available.
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    I agree with Wilson at this point. If Bryant gets his act together between now and the draft, it would be hard to pass him up and be able to dump RW11 after 2010. I think you can get very good OL and DL guys in the 2nd - 4th rounds this year.
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    If a team called in the scenario you put out there...I would feel fine in moving down a few spots and still getting a guy we wanted. If not...Take Iupati and don't look back.
  5. cowboyjoe

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    bingo exactly;
  6. Ren

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    If by some miracle Bryant dropped that far we'd be stupid to pass on him

    Either draft him or trade the pick to someone else who really wants him and pick up some extra picks
  7. casmith07

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    Iupati. /thread.
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    I like your thinking. I didn't address that possibility in my article, but it certainly makes a lot of sense.

    I am actually not a huge fan of trading back in this particular draft (due to limited roster spots), but a move back a few spots sounds logical, assuming there are a multitude of players still on the board who Dallas covets.
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    I almost agree with not trading back. But trading back would give us ammo to trade up again, and that is what we are lacking. If we trade back to the bottom of the first, we could still use the extra picks to trade into the 2nd or 3rd and still keep our original 2nd and 3rd rd picks. But really, if Dez Bryant is there, I take him and smile all the way to the bank. I don't think he will be, but if so, take him. He will probably be the highest rated player on our board. So if we stick by this BPA, then it would be Dez.
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    I think I'd take Wilson too, in that scenario. It'd be a tough call though between him and Iupati.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    That's if he is even on our board.

    His character concerns, late to meetings and even GAMES may have the cowboys taking him off their board. They have taken other players off their boards.
  12. jswalker1981

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    That's true. But, but, Deion is his mentor.....

  13. SLATEmosphere

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    Kyle Wilson.

    John Jerry in the 2nd

    I honestly don't see Dez Bryant getting any touches on this team. Miles Austin is a stud a #1 reciever. Roy Williams is still going to get excuses and Crayton is a pretty solid slot guy.

    We want to see what we have in Ogletree.

    Drafting Dez Bryant says that we've given up on Roy imo. That's way too much money tied up in WR's.
  14. TheCount

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    Not that I'm pro drafting Dez, but he wouldn't get a lot of money at 27th overall.

    I'd say

  15. VACowboy

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  16. cowboyjoe

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    i wouldnt count the dallas cowboys out on the dez brant situation if he falls. The first few visits by the cowboys were to jason fox, trent williams and dez bryant.

    The cowboys have a very capable person in handling troubled players in Calvin Hill, but Dez has got to want to first.
  17. TheCount

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    I see you suckers are finally getting on the John Jerry bandwagon. Feel free to find space in the back while I pilot this ****. :laugh2:
  18. cowboyjoe

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    i like john jerry but not in the 2nd, way to early for him, maybe 3rd or 4th
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    Dez Bryant. Bryant is a top 10 pick if he plays the whole season. He is, IMO, easily the best player on the board and could solve the Cowboys WR issues for a long time to come. With Miles, Williams and Bryant in the line up, you probably have the best WR corp in the NFL. Add Witten and you can't be defended. It also allows for any future move with Roy to be that much easier IMO. My expectation is that REW comes around but if he struggles again this next season, you don't have an issue at the position. No question, if those were the players available, I'd take Bryant and feel lucky to get him.

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