Iupati making an impression in Mobile

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Alexander, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Alexander

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    Iupati making an impression in Mobile
    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on January 27, 2010 9:02 AM ET
    One of the most buzzed about players during Senior Bowl week thus far is a 325-pound interior lineman. Idaho's Mike Iupati must be doing something right to get so much attention at an oft-overlooked position.

    A sample of the love being thrown his way:

    Former Ravens/Browns scout Daniel Jeremiah: [Iuputi is the] most likely Pro Bowler if you took a poll of scouts at Senior Bowl. Rare size, strength and quickness. Sticks out like a sore thumb."

    Greg A. Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: "[The Packers] were very, very high on Idaho G Mike Iupati, maybe even a good possibility when they pick at No. 23. But he won't. If people overlooked Iupati before this week, they haven't now . . . He's a darn good player and is screaming up draft boards. 35-inch arms don't hurt."

    ESPN.com: Iuputi has confirmed his spot as the best guard in the draft.
  2. Sam I Am

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    You guys might as well take this kid off your mock drafts. He is long gone by 27.
  3. CATCH17

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    All he has to do is fall to the late teens and we will move up.

    We're most likely going to trade up this year imo.
  4. Sam I Am

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    Trade up to the teens from #27? I SERIOUSLY doubt that. That would be expensive. Just to move up to around 20 would cost the Cowboys there #2 pick this year or their #1 next year. Considering how many underclassmen are in the draft, that isn't going to happen this year.

    There will be no trading up this year unless it's only a couple of spots to leap frog someone. No way we trade into the teens. I think that would be foolish. Besides, I think Iupati is gone before then. He is the best linemen in the draft.
  5. AmishCowboy

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    I would be just as happy staying at 27 and taking Pouncey the C/G from Florida.
  6. Chocolate Lab

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    Ugh, I hope not. Not unless someone we love falls dramatically.

    We're already short some picks, so I hope we keep what we have. It all depends how the day unfolds, though.
  7. austintodallas

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    I would rather move up and take an impact player such as Iupati than wind up with 8 special teamers like last year.
  8. dadymat

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    cause we all know Jerry likes to trade up in first round huh?.....:rolleyes: ..every draft everyone gets themselves convinced Jerry wants to trade up ....never happenes.....aint happening this time....... ....
  9. tunahelper

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    This would be the best plan IMO.
  10. Sam I Am

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    I think there is plenty of talent to be had with the picks we have. This isn't the greatest draft, but by no means should we sellout to get a single player.
  11. Alexander

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    I can all but guarantee you we would not move up for a player that we would not feel comfortable starting in 2010. Regardless of what we think, I am fairly certain Jones would want bang for the buck and without a full complement of choices, he's more apt to move down than up, especially if that involves an offensive lineman. He did not move up for Unger and had a boatload of picks to trade last year.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    I'm not eating the cheeze just yet on this guy. Many teams who pick before us are in desperate need of OLinemen, and specifically LT where this guy is starting to project. He'll be Looooong Goooooone befoe Dallas picks, you can count on that. So don't fall in love with him unless you want your heart broken.
  13. Sam I Am

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    He will never be tackle in my opinion.
  14. Phrozen Phil

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    He looks like a good player, but there will be value in the draft at #27. If he's there, and if the team feels he's the best value at that point, then fine. Be careful about having a man-crush on any particular player. Let the draft come to you. There are good O-line prospects in this draft. There's also value to be had in subsequent rounds. Let's see what the Senior Bowl and the Combine has to offer.
  15. BraveHeartFan

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    Well that will take this kid out of our range cause there is no way that Jerry is moving up this year, given that we don't have a ton of picks, and even if he was inclined to move up I am certain, based off how he's proven to be in his ownership, that theres no way he's moving up for an O-Lineman.

    He'd only move up on something like that if he thought he was going to get a big time WR, RB, CB, or OLB. Anything else and I doubt he'd ever move up much for a player and since I dont see us moving up for a RB, OLB, or CB this year unless he just has to have a WR, which I don't see quite honestly, I don't see us moving up.

    We're a lot more likely to move down, IMO.
  16. Cowboys22

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    Jones has already started talking about having half a draft class in Brewster, Hodge, and Williams already in place before this draft even begins. I think he is setting the table to trade up for an impact player. I will be done trusting his judgement if they trade down again. They already don't have enough roster spots for all the restricted free agents, rookies coming off IR, and the picks that they do have not to mention any free agents they sign. I will not be able to stand the thought of trading down for even more middle of the road talent. This is the year sit tight and take the player that falls of trade up. They will be just fine with only drafting 3 or 4 rookies.
  17. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    He might see it that way and I agree, he is telegraphing how much they foresee last year's "haul" impacting their decisions this year.

    But I just do not see it happening for an offensive lineman. He's never taken one before the second round and given the fact they would not pull the trigger to trade up for a WR the last few years citing they cannot contribute their first year, what would make them shift gears? Why would they decide to trade up for a player that would not start or even have a chance to see the field in a meaningful fashion?

    Sorry, I just do not hold the same faith that the organization is as down on our line bad enough to move up. Now if Adams retires, then I see a little more urgency. Do not get me wrong, I would be all for being aggressive to get the best lineman we could. I just don't feel confident Jones would do it.
  18. Chief

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    If you move up, it's more likely for a playmaker (on offense or defense) or a left tackle.

    Moving up for a guard .... I don't see that.
  19. Cowboys22

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    Me neither. I see it for a DT, offensive weapon, MLB, or safety. If they want OL in the first, all they have to do is wait. There will be a good one worth taking at 27.
  20. The Realist

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    Don't have enough roster spots?

    Come on.....there is a lot of dead weight on this roster.

    Guys who will be out of the league in a couple years type of dead weight.

    Proctor, Holland, McQ, Preston, Cletis Gordon, Siavii, Octavien, Watkins, Curtis Johnson.

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