I've always wondered this.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bsheeern, Nov 19, 2012.

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    I was kidding. In all seriousness, I don't question anyone dedication or effort on this team. Truth be told, I'm not in a position to do so because I don't get to watch these guys work day in and day out. If I question anything, as a general rule, it is their ability.
  2. jday

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    Absolutely not. I was kidding. Keeping things light. Feel free to search my post for any instances where I questioned someone's efforts.
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    Where I work, there are departments that have access and the team members are forbidden to use it for anything but work.

    If you are caught surfing, you are written up.

    No cell phones, no emails other than business.

    No friends stopping by.

    No personal calls on the company phone.

    However, I don't work in that department, and am writing this from my desk right now.
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    Who the heck has time to even think about posting or reading at work. If you have that much time just remember as the cut downs continue. Really barely have enough time to answer all the emails and calls for work less lone surf and play. I plan a day off and its scuttled because a customer is down and needs to be up and running or they can't ship product.
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    who would want to work in that department?
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    People who are thankful to have a job, and are counted on to put food on the table.
  7. Dodger

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    As long as I get my job done, my employer doesn't care if I spend time on the net at work....which is just as it should be.
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    WOW. I hope ur joking.
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    I feel no guilt. I get the work assigned to me done. Correctly. And on time. Results. It's about results.
  10. Dodger

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  11. Yakuza Rich

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    I think I'm like most people here, I'm a salaried employee.

    My boss' guidelines are simple. Meet the deadlines for jobs done and do a good job.

    If my boss feels that they can find somebody better at my job and for a price that they are willing to pay, then they WILL do just that. But if you're going to fire a person who does a good job for you because they use the internet in their downtime, realize that there is no guarantee that they will find somebody that is a better replacement and will not use the internet.

    In the meantime, they will have important work that will be backlogged while they try and find a replacement.

    So, that's why my boss and I don't have a problem. Particularly since my job consists of a lot of downtime while I wait for software applications to run. I get my job done and done well. It would be like complaining that Deion Sanders didn't lift weights. If it bothers the employer that much, find a replacement that is better.

    It's like Jimmy Johnson said, if Troy Aikman was caught sleeping in team meetings, he would just tell Troy to wake up. If it was a backup LB sleeping in team meetings, he'd cut him after practice.

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    Judging by the amount of activity on this forum today, it looks like everybody posts from work.

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