I've been telling you guys about the Cavs...

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by silverbear, Sep 12, 2004.

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    You aren't gonna find many offenses more dangerous, and certainly none more entertaining, than the one being played by the University of Virginia this year... they've put up 100 points in their first two games, and they're making it look easy... Wali Lundy is an absolute beast at running back, though his stats won't show it yet-- he only had 11 carries today, for 73 yards and 3 TDs... he hit the bench early when the game got out of control...

    But today, the most dominant player by far was Alvin Pearman... he rushed for 35 yards, had a 45 yard reception, had 3 punt returns for 21 yards... and he had this one, AMAZING kickoff return that will probably be on ESPN's Plays of the Week tomorrow night, a 93 yarder where he put the most amazing moves on no less than 4 tacklers along the way... alas, he didn't score, some Carolina defender made a diving ankle tackle to bring him down on the half-yard line... but Groh did the right thing, and let him take it on in for the score the next play... all told, he had 193 yards of total offense, on just 15 touches...
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    With the recruiting classes they've put togetehr the past few years its about time the put it together. But until they start facing some tougher competition its tough to say whether or not they really have put it all together. UNC is very weak in football
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    Didn't William and Mary put up thirty-some points against UNC last week?

    That said, I wish UVA well.

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