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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by iceberg, Sep 19, 2004.

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    I hope this doesn't tarnish the wild fantasies some of you may have with Bonnie, but is she Al Bernstein's daughter? I don't have any evidence other than the last name and that Al Bernstein works for ESPN, usually as the boxing commentator. I always assumed that Bonnie got her start on ESPN way back when because of Al Bernstein.

    Speaking of which, Bonnie must have gotten a nose job, because I remember her looking like quite the hag when she first started. I also remember her having a lisp.

    At the risk of sounding like a chauvanistic pig, her looks have no bearing on what I think of her as a reporter. She's good enough, but nothing special. The Greg Ellis of reporting...

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    I think that Racheal Nichols is hot...shes that cute lil red head reporter for ESPN. she first poped up during this years NBA Finals, always reporting on the Pistons side of things. Shes now doing the Sal Palintonio and Ed Warner thing, by recaping NFL games for ESPN. Shes a cute lil thang. Shes gotta be younger then Bonnie who i love too, but I think Bonnie and Racheal Nichols are the two hottest....hmmm i would pick Racheal Nichols. Im a Laker fan, but i always looked foward to her lil report on the Pistons during this years Finals, it made my day.
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    hmmmm, :confused: "Bearnstein," nose.... ~thinking, thinking~ .... ohhh, ok, I see the connection!
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    kmp nice work posting the pictures :)
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    :eek: Suzy Kolber? are you feeling alright?
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    That's the best avatar I've seen - ever.

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