Jack Crawford anyone?

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    Police find drug paraphernalia at Penn State draft prospect’s apartment

    Posted by Mike Florio on March 26, 2012, 11:29 PM EDT

    On March 14, former Penn State defensive end Jack Crawford participated in his Pro Day workout. That same day, police found drug paraphernalia in an apartment that Crawford shares with current Penn State receiver Devon Smith.

    According to the Press of Atlantic City, police investigating a suspected burglary at the apartment and obtained a search warrant after seeing certain items in plain sight.

    Per the report, the warrant identifies “blunts, a bottle of Hurricane malt liquor, a bottle of prescription medication, a grinder, a plastic bag containing marijuana ash, a blue towel with buds and a scale.”

    Crawford is projected as a late-round pick in next month’s draft.
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    not anymore :rolleyes:
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    He was just starting to rise up some board. He wont even get drafted or signed now.
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    Weed and Hurricanes...my kind of party :laugh2:
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    sorry but if you're a late round pick you should at least make sure you're squeaky clean. certified idiot. see ya

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