Jack Ikegwanu Hurt - Out for all of '08 Season

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by theogt, Jan 24, 2008.

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    Ikegwuonu blows out knee, won't play in '08

    By Bob McGinn

    Thursday, Jan 24 2008, 02:31 PM

    Green Bay - Jack Ikegwuonu, the former University of Wisconsin cornerback, blew out his knee Tuesday in a training exercise and won't play football in 2008.

    Ikegwuonu suffered tears of both his anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments as well as damage to his kneecap, according to a source close to the situation, and will need reconstructive knee surgery.

    He was working out at Perfect Competition, a training facility in Davie, Fla., when the incident occurred.

    Ikegwuonu, who earlier in the month decided to leave UW a year early, was pulling a sled designed to improve his speed when the injury occurred. He exploded out of a start, planted his leg and the knee buckled.

    The injury will all but eliminate Ikegwuonu's chances of being selected April 26-27 in the National Football League draft. It's possible a team might take him in a late round and bring along for 2009.

    "He's screwed now," an executive in personnel for an NFL team said. "He wasn't going to be that high of a pick, anyway. Fourth round.

    "I blame the agent for talking the kid into coming out. Stupid. Because he wasn't a first-day player."

    Ikegwuonu signed with agent Drew Rosenhaus on Jan. 5 and declared for the draft before the Jan. 15 deadline. Players had until Jan. 19 to change their minds and regain their collegiate eligibility.

    At Wisconsin, Ikegwuonu intercepted six passes in three seasons. He made the All-Big Ten team as a junior in 2007.
    Ikegwuonu was regarded by some scouts as a solid prospect on the basis of size and speed but was downgraded because of his performance this season.

    "You've got to play, too," the scout said.
  2. cowboysfan31

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    Sucks to be him, I'd still take a chance on him in the 7th or as a UDFA. He shut down some really good WRs this year, if he can regain his prior form I think he could be a really big steal.
  3. tomson75

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    That's crappy.
  4. Vintage

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    I'd love to take a chance on him in the 7th round.

    Redshirt him similar to what we did with Stanback this year.
  5. Biggems

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    why waste a 7th........sign him as a UDFA and then put him on the PUP list immediately
  6. BraveHeartFan

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    I agree. I can see taking a flyer on the kid if you get him as an UDFA. But I wouldnt waste a pick on a guy that you know will have to sit on your roster for a year and be able to do nothing.
  7. silverbear

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    Well, if you wait until he's an UDFA, you have to compete with all the other teams that might want to sign him and stash him on IR for a season... but spending a 7th round pick on him gives your team exclusive rights to him...
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    I'm watching NFLN's recap of the senior bowl practices, and Mayock has him rated as the 4th best CB (pre injury) in this draft.

    Normally, I'd suggest we spend a 6th or a 7th on a kid like this, but a torn acl, mcl and a busted knee cap? Might be a bit much to fully recover from.
  9. BraveHeartFan

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    No one is going to be competing really high for him (Meaning giving away insane money or anything) for a guy with that kind of knee injury.

    UDFA is a much better, and safer, option if you wanted to take a flier on him.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I agree with you Silver. Everybody kind of assumes that he would sign if offered as an UFA but in truth, I would not sign with us if I were him. Yes, he's injured and will have to rehab but if I'm him and I have a choice as to where to sign, I'm going to sign with a team that I think I can have a chance to start with or make the club. I'm not going to sign with a team that has Newman and Henry on the roster already. If we like him, pre injury, then I'd probably spend a 7th on him and lock him up. Give him a chance to rehab and then see what we've got in 09. To me, if you like the guy, that's the way to go.
  11. Woods

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    I agree with this as well.

    If you really like him and think that he can recover, use a 7th rounder and give him a year to heal.
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    First thing I thought as well.

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